• [2018/06/22]
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Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.


Oh Sai
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May 8, 2017
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It's been 5 weeks since Diamonds were released into the wild. That's hopefully been enough time for most folks to get one or at least make a dent in their quest towards getting one!

How has your diamond delving been going? Show off any diamonds you've gotten! Tell us what diamond(s) you're aiming to get! Any particularly noteworthy diamonds you've come across in Prize Fights?
My first Diamond is Brain Freeze! I was friggin lucky and got her in a relic just when Diamonds were released. I loooove how this card looks and she packs a hell of a punch with all that extra HP.


My next conquest is laser focused on Diamond Oh Mais...

Though a Bloodbath would be neat too!
Air is what I got. Due to the lack of a Buzzkill and Polter not having enough fodder, I went with Surgeon General.


I was surprised how well she carries past 30 streaks in Prize Fights. She is also the ultimate counter to most AE and Master daily modifiers especially with ICU added.

As of now Fire and Light look to be my next diamonds. Going to be going HQ and ES for those big stat boosts to get two solid diamond carries to go along with the support diamond I have now.

Also craziest thing I seen diamond, Rerun Peacock. I don’t understand that one bit
My next conquest is laser focused on Diamond Oh Mais...
Had a feeling you'd aim for Diamond Oh Mai...
I can't wait to see a 3 Diamond Oh Mai team as an option :eek:
Personally I'm rolling around with a Diamond PD, he's just ridiculously tanky and debuff resistant.Zuzu_PD.png
Got me some fire essence, but I'm saving. Aiming for a Diamond Rainbow Blight.
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Currently aiming for a Diamond Cold Stones, already have the essences thanks to AE but still need 3 golden beowulfs.
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I got wind essences. I'm aiming for Poltergust, though I need to get a 4 more gold Squigglies for that. I've already got a couple bronzes that I'm moving up to gold as soon as I've got all the character points I want out of silvers I'm sacrificing, so hopefully I'll get one more from the event this week, and using some Theonite I'll pull either a gold, or enough other Squigglies to combine into a gold one.

I'm starting to see that advancing my Surgeon General might also be good though. She's a real tough one on defense when she has ICU.
Does anyone know the max FS of a diamond? Like, 20k or something?
Out of genuine curiosity do you put this monstrosity on your defense team? And are there ppl that choose to fight it?
Oh yeah, quite a lot of people do actually! Of course, a third of them are the darn cheaters =___=

Valentine: silent kill goes through him like a hot knife through butter. Fully upgraded of course! “everyone has a weakness” - Valentine