• [2018/06/22]
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Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.


Really close to a full page after a year of playing.
my rift battle base is very bad ... this will be a very useful reinforcement...
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Envy corrodes my very soul.

Also, congratulations dude. She haunts my rift induced nightmares besides that dreaded Overclocked.


Well, since I'm finally here, I might as well show off my collection:


My Summer Salt is just so close to being fully powered, I just need like a bajillion canopy coins to upgrade all her moves to 15.


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So have gotten a few new additions since last posting. Really happy about Overclocked, but still missing a Diamond Big Bad :( (a Diamond Fukua is still a little much to ask since she's so new). Looking at this list, Dark fighters seem to have gotten all the representation.


Envy corrodes my very soul.
I am jealous of your Risky Ginger. :oops:
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"I am the purrfect being"

Just got today..
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