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Bug - Normal Double Issues

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bugs' started by Boboflesserdoom, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Boboflesserdoom

    Boboflesserdoom New Member

    Sep 10, 2017
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    Thread for reporting Double specific issues I've found

    Teacup without upgraded Air Juggle un-combos versus a Double and can actually be blocked.
    Upgrading Air Juggle combos normally

    Input issue: Holding two fingers, then tapping with only one (while the other is still held) will normally read as a ground combo, except with Double; Double must fully release both fingers before a ground combo can initiate.
    Dance Double Dance!
    This makes Double just a bit harder to use from an input standpoint (and makes counter-attacking a bit more difficult [could tangentially explain why I sometimes drop dash->ground if the timing is stricter somehow])

    Special Move Luger will count as a BB finish if the last move that hit it was a BB.
    Could possibly be due to a projectile hit carrying over the BB property, or as a side effect of Gun Blade breaking Unflinching a few updates back.

    SM Luger can't actually hit characters like Valentine and Painwheel in neutral.
    Proposed solution: Logic check, do M Luger if foe on ground, do L Luger is airborne.

    Double can Transmute during a BB superflash, noteworthy for SA that require you to be a certain element/advantage. Especially annoying if you're the correct element, and change mid superflash.

    Can Bandwagon Rushdown be visually separate from Peacock's Bandwagon?
    Proposed: Have Double's always come from the opposite side (a la pressing direction from console)
    ie have the image for Double's Bandwagon face left, and Peacock's right.
    Else, consider having Bandwagon Rushdown actually have the travel time from the left end screen, rather than instantly starting from Double's position. This could make combo-ing into Rushdown slightly more braindead from things like Gun Blades and Throw, because otherwise Bandwagon goes under if done too early and will miss.

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