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Formula to calculate ATK/HP at any level of any variant (Demonstration and example)

Discussion in 'General Strategy' started by Valenthanos, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Valenthanos

    Valenthanos New Member

    Nov 17, 2019
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    (Scroll down for the formula) First of all, how i managed to get the formula. I tracked the different base attack a Wulfsbane had in different levels, and adding his maximum base attack. Then I represented it in a graph:


    So I got the conclusion that the stats followed a linear equation, that must be y = mx + b, where the Y axis represents the attack and the X one the level. You can clearly see it increases by 75 per every level, that is m (slope), and that b = initial attack. However, that value wasnt usually the same, so m depends of the variant as well as b.

    Checking the minimum and maximum values of all fighters, I realized that the attack being level 50 (ill call it (A50) was exactly the same that the attack being level 1 (A1) multiplied by 10,8 , and this was true to every gold variant. So, by math, the slope of a line m = (y-y0)/(x-x0) (being y the attack in a x level, and y0 in a x0 level). Like i said, A50 = 10,8 * A1, so m is always (10,8*A1 - A1)/(50-1) = A1*0,2 (The same for other rarities, for silvers for example A40 = A1*8,8 , so (8,8A1 - A1)/(40-1) = A1*0,2). What does that 0,2 mean, how can it be applied so for Wulfsbane, its 75? Its just the 20% of the base attack it has being level 1, 375*0,2 = 75.

    So, being the general equation y=mx+b, for now Attack = A1*0,2*Level + InitialAttack. This applied as a general formula for any 2 different levels:
    Attack = (A1*0,2)(HigherLevel-LowerLevel) + AttackOfTheLowerLevel. However the attack can be boosted by the Skill Tree in a certain %, so we have to add that somehow to the formula. Now, using values and not words:

    Ab = [(A1*0,2)(Lb-Lo)+Ao ]*B (B is the "boost" of the Skill Tree (if it increases by 50%, B=1,50), lower case b just refers to the high level and the o refers to the lower level. BUT A1 is the attack being level 1, ITS NOT the initial level Ao, unless the initial level its level 1. To see A1 you can just check it on Google, but if its not there for some reason theres also a solution.


    If you didnt understand how it works, ill make an example with actual in-game values of my gold Kill Joy, also a variant that Google wont show you her attack being level 1 (A1) and a gold, a value needed.

    Example: Attack with full skill tree and being a max leveled gold (50)
    Below there are screenshots with the initial values to get started L18bruh.png


    So, for this example: Ab = [(A1*0,2)(Lb-Lo)+Ao ]*B Lo = 18 because it is the lower level, Lb-Lo = 50-18=32,
    B=1,5 (the % it increases when the Skill Tree is full is 50%) Ao = 968
    (Important: this KJ has an empty skill tree, but if it has +11% for example attack you must divide (Attack/1,11) to get the BASE attack, like if the Skill Tree were empty)
    Ab = [(A1*0,2)(32)+968]*1,5 We only need A1 (remember, the damage at level 1). If it were, for example, Buzzkill or Poltergust that value can easily be found on Google when searching up the variant (for Buzzkill, A1 = 415). However, theres no A1 for a gold KJ (at least I think), but we can calculate it with the same formula:

    For that now the level 18 is the higher one now

    968 = (A1*0,2)(17)+A1 A1 is now Ao, the damage of the KJ we are calculating is itself the damage of a level1 KJ, because we are calculating a level1 KJ. Now by doing simple math:

    968 = (0,2*17+1)*A1 A1 = 968/(0,2*17 +1) A1 = 220, a golden LVL1 KJ has 220 of base attack approximately.

    Now we have all values needed: Ab = [(220*0,2)(32)+968]*1,5 = 3564
    If you saw the demonstration of the formula you will remember that AttackLVL50 = AttackLVL1*10,8. If you multiply 220*10,8 = 2376, base attack when Skill Tree is empty. Because its increased by 50% (Full Tree),
    2376*1,5 = 3564.

    If you want to calculate the HP now, u can just cross multiply:

    6654 hp LVL18 * 3564 atk LVL50(Tree) / 968 atk LVL18 = 24.498 hp

    (If u started calculating HP u can also cross multiply for atk)

    As proof: l50.png

    Before ending, for some quick math:

    Attack LVL1 * X = Attack Max LVL where: (the current rarity, not the natural rarity)
    X = 12,8 For Diamonds
    X = 10,8 For Golds
    X = 8,8 For Silvers
    X = 6,8 For Bronzes

    Thanks for your attention, Valenthanos.
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  2. qlimax

    qlimax Member

    Sep 25, 2018
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    This is huge. Thank you for all the work you did to get this <3
  3. Sairus

    Sairus AKA Cellsai
    Moderator Hidden Variable Dev

    Apr 24, 2019
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    Agreed! Amazing work! :D

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