• [2018/06/22]
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How do I use xenomorph?


Jan 7, 2018
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I recently pulled a xenomorph but i have no idea how to use her.Should i hope for doom and stall?Or just attack enemies normally?Here is her SA btw
Game over:100 percent chance when transmuting to the dark element to inflict a 30 sec permanent doom.Doom is removed if double is killed.
SA2:Inflict 3 stacks of permanent bleed when killed.
Usually I tend to fight like normally with her, and if I can knock the enemy down or get them far away from me, I’ll start transmutation. You especially want to use her SA for those enemy’s who are really hard to beat.
I just put her first in any team then fight normally, and if she inflicts doom, I tag out. If not, I keep fighting until she dies and inflicts bleeds. Three perma bleeds are just as good as doom anyway.
If you are playing specifically for the doom, what I would recommend is punishing the opponent with only the dash attack chain to knock the opponent away from you and then start transmuting. Sitting behind a Beast of Gehenna can also be quite helpful for when you are fishing for a doom. Then you can either tag the Xenomorph out (just remember to tag the Xenomorph back in if the opponent tags out or when the doom kills them) or just turtle with her for thirty seconds.
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