• [2018/06/22]
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Other Idea: Fighter trading shop


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Mar 30, 2018
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First I'd like to say this isn't an amazingly original idea so I'm sorry if someone already posted something similar.

Anyway, the idea here is mostly to help people get gold fighters they don't have, I'll use Beowulf as the example.

We know we can get Wulfsbane from prize fights right? But the other 2 are currently only obtainable if you're blessed by rng gods. So my suggestion is to make an in-game trading station where you could trade duplicates gold of that fighter for the other gold you don't have. So if you managed to get like 3 wulfsbanes from pf you could trade them for dragon brawler or weekend warrior.

There could also be some variations to the trades, you could use theonite to compensate for lacking some of the required foghters, you could trade something like 20 silvers for one gold, you could require more exact "items" such as 2 wulfsbanes and 4 hype man for a dragon brawler for example, you can also require the offers to be at a certain lvl... The possibilities for these are endless and it could make a nice little event from time to time