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Characters Ideas for Copper Characters

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by docteuru, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Sep 3, 2017
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    I have been playing the game since the beta days. I love the game and its mechanics, and I have been thinking for a while on what kind of character we could add to the game. Especially ways to make unique characters that are tailored to specific play styles. So here are some ideas on Copper Characters. Also, I don’t post often here, so I did a really long post (sorry) :p

    Copper Characters are as their name says, not very strong. They are similar in strength / abilities to Bronze characters, they have disadvantages and advantages compared to them.


    • They can be used anywhere a Bronze character can.
    • They can go to level 20. A level 20 Copper character has similar abilities than a level 30 Bronze character.
    • They don’t have Signature and Character Abilities.
    • They actually don’t have a skill tree and you can’t spend skill points on them.
    • You can’t equip them with special moves or blockbusters.
    • They are all of neutral element.
    • They take longer to level up than Bronze characters (getting to level 20 takes three times the amount of time to get a Bronze character to 30)
    Their biggest advantage is they give a buff on top of all other buffs to all characters in their team.
    • Painwheel gives a buff on attack (Level 1 Copper Painwheel gives 1% of attack bonus, Level 20, 20%)
    • Big Band gives a buff on HP
    • Squigly gives a buff on defense,
    • Miss Fortune gives a buff on Element Bonus
    • Filia gives a buff on bleed resistance
    • Etc.
    Depending on the Copper character, they could give buffs or resistance bonuses. They would be subject to some debuff powers from other characters as well. They could be time based (last 30 seconds from begging of attack, depending on the power they give).

    Using them in Rift battles or Prize Fights would give good advantages (though the buff they give should not give too much of an advantage)


    • Less rare than a Silver Character, say 10% chance per Relics that can give Bronze Characters and have no elemental restrictions.


    Here is the most interesting (but somewhat complicated) bit: They don’t evolve, they merge.
    • They would take two other characters from your roster.
    • They take the best ability from one character, and all transferable Character, Signature and Marquee abilities from the other. They keep all other abilities from their basic character type.
    • To be used a character must be a fully leveled up character of any Bronze, Silver, Gold or even Diamond variety. By fully evolved, it also means it needs to have all its skill tree and marquee abilities fully upgraded.
    Since this might create some quite powerful characters (with not much weaknesses) here is another restriction: they cannot level up further than the highest character level you used for the merge. So, if you want a character that can evolve to Diamond, you need to sacrifice a fully leveled Diamond character. But you get to keep its strongest ability, so this could be good for people who don’t want to use a fully leveled character and it is a way for a fully leveled Diamond character to get even stronger.

    When merged, the character is a Level 1 Bronze character with its skill tree empty and its abilities of a Level 1 character for its base character. The ability(ies) inherited from one of the merged character is a “what if that character could be bronze and Level 1”.

    The best abilities transferred from a character is different for all characters and they can be more than one if a character is more of a generalist. Big Bands would give their HP, Painwheels their attacks level, etc.

    Element of the new merged character:
    • This is could a 50/50 percent chance between to the other character merged or you could use an elemental essence to choose its element.

    Color palette of merged character:

    • You could choose the color palette of the new character between some unused character palettes.

    Transferable skill tree abilities

    Some abilities that would require new animations if they were transferred (like, Squigly, Peacock and Painwheel) can’t be transferred. But if new animations would be done for them they could be for some characters. (I can definitely imagine an Inspector Gadget type helicopter for Peacock so that she could get Painwheel flying ability, or Painwheel digging the ground with her blades to get Peacocks).

    Here is a couple of examples.

    Everyone wants a Painwheel with Big Band’s HP, so we will start with that. I like to use throws a lot with Painwheel, so I want a character that has throws abilities.

    So my Copper Painwheel got to Level 20, I will merge her with Level 50 Epic Sax and Level 30 Understudy. I also use a fire element essence and the Spiderman color palette. Oh, I can name her too: I choose (I’m no good at this) With Great Pains. What do I get?

    Well a level 1 Bronze Red Element Painwheel, with all Rusty Painwheel abilities except HP, which is now what if Epix Sax was Bronze Level 1 HP. She also has all Understudy skill tree (but empty, I have to buy everything over again). OMG! Painwheel has lost the ability to fly. Bummer, but her throws are now very powerful (I love to use Painwheel throws). She can never be Diamond but can level up to 50 Gold.

    Let’s do the opposite now. I want a Big Band with Painwheel’s attack, but I want to keep his signatures and character abilities, so I will merge them with Eliza In Denile (no abilities from her are transferable, because they all need Sekmeth). Let’s use a level 50 Gold Raw Nerv and a level 30 In Denile and a Level 20 Copper Big Band. I want a Water element (so I need a Water element essence). I get a Level 1 Bronze Big Band, with Abilities and Skill Tree of a Bassline Big Band (the default) but with a Bronze level 1 Raw Nerve Painwheel attack. Or I could take a Copper Painwheel, merge her with Epic Sax and Resonant Evil (you’ll get a base Painwheel, with Epic Sax HP, and Resonant Evil’s skill tree, whoa !)

    You can still transfer a skill tree that has non-transferable abilities if you transfer it to the same character type. So if you merge a Peacock for her attack + a Blood Bath Eliza with a Copper Eliza, you will get a Bronze Eliza, with Peacock attack and Blood Bath’s skill tree.

    This might be a bit too complicated to implement though. Though it would be possible to not implement the merge part.

    One last thing: since Copper characters require less animations, (no special moves or blockbusters) they could make it a bit easier to introduce brand new characters like Umbrella or Annie. Though they would only be available in Copper and won’t be possible to merge.
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