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Fights Improvements: General

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Saint2th, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Saint2th

    Saint2th Member

    Jun 10, 2017
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    I've noticed a couple things in this game that I believe can be improved; primarily things that have been noted by other players, but things that I have also noticed myself. So here's my suggestions on what can make fighting better, by only modifying mechanics – not adding any.


    1. MGR invincibility removal. Or add the ability to have an short window to tech MGR. Srs. Just nerf it lol.

    2. Add character ability button for Painwheel, Peacock + IMPROVE combo ability. Allow fly / hole idea button to cancel ground combo. Add more hitstun to Painwheel Fly Dash attack.

    3. Remove Block into Jab if block is cancelled during its animation, add ability to block cancel into anything.

    4. Increase endlag on Cerebella's full ground combo.

    5. Increase hitstun on last hit of Painwheel's ground combo.

    6. Buff Inkling Peacock: allow her to have 15% extra damage if she's alive herself, for a total of 45% extra damage with all team members.

    1. Many player have complained about MGR's invincibility and believe it is unwarranted. It is a very overpowered special as of right now. The only player who argues against its nerf is moist.

    Unblockable, safe after blocked jab combo, can restand opponents, does as much damage as GDO, can be used twice in a combo, and invincible.
    2. Improve Painwheel & Peacock character abilities: as of right now they're essentially subpar. They both require an attack to come out (or start up) before their ability can come out:

    Similar to Eliza's sekhmet mode, I believe that thr character abilities can be improved by adding a button. If you tap on on Peacock or Painwheel's CA button mid combo, the combo will be cancelled and either character would fly or use hole idea.

    If this is added, then combo ability and versatility may be improved. Example of a painwheel combo:

    Painwheel: Charge Attack > Dash Attack > Ground Combo > Launcher > Fly > Fly Dash Attack > Jab Combo > Jab Combo Cancel > Deathcrawl

    As of right now the only combos with fly are:

    fly jab > dash attack > ...
    fly grab > dash attack > ....

    It'd be nice if you could combo into fly out of launcher and would make sense for painwheel to be able to do this. Also increase dash attack hitstun from fly because it literally doesn't combo into anything at all.
    3. Block Cancelling. Removing the immediate ability to jab after cancelling block, and adding the ability to input anything after cancelling block would lead to much better advanced combos in the meta.
    4. Increase the endlag on Cerebella's full ground combo without launcher / sweep. Some characters cannot punish Cerebella's full ground combo unless she sweeps or uses launcher.
    5. I've heard many players complaing about not being able to link launcher after Painwheel's ground combo, and although I have no problem doing it, I believe it is still a problem even though it was improved with the 1.2.1 update. It just needs a little more hitstun and it'd be fine.
    6. Right now Inkling is amongst the worst rated Peacocks. She'd be much better if her SA counted herself, too.

    That's really all
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  2. ThanatosDK

    ThanatosDK Active Member

    May 28, 2017
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    On MGR, if anything it's safety should mean lower damage or removal of its comboability. Right now my bnb is Tap combo>MGR>tap combo>launcher>air combo.
    On my 10k Cerebella it's enough to 100-0 every unit I've faced with11k+ FS, including ones their owners have mentioned have +HP% and +Def stacked.

    MGR is Guaranteed damage if you're using it right.That alone makes taking 2 worth it, but it becomes even more worth because you can TapCombo>MGR>TapCombo>MGR, which might be more damage on +Throw or +special damage Cerebs.

    No Meter cost for an unblockable?
    You can bring as many as you like?
    Sounds kinda OP.
  3. missingno

    missingno Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    I just do not understand why they added invincibility to a fast command grab, and then took away invincibility/armor from almost every other move that originally had it (Battle Butt being the only one that got to keep it). It makes absolutely no sense.
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