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Other Incentive for a Diverse Roster

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by ZeoW, May 24, 2019.

  1. ZeoW

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    Mar 17, 2019
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    Throwing out an idea that I got while mulling over my Rift loss and Catalysts in general. I propose an additional feature to further add more incentive by having modifiers when using a certain element/character in a fight and gaining advantage when doing so. This is what I imagine to be like:
    • Elemental Bonuses: All <insert Element> gains (X buffs) every Y seconds OR All <insert Element> can inflict (X debuff) every Y seconds/combo hit.
    • Character Bonuses: Dealing the finishing blow with <Z character> grants <+Points>
    Both these bonuses will be live at the same time in a single node and will only benefit the attacker. Since there are more elemental variants than there are character variants, buffs are an elemental bonus so that it can be applied more broadly.

    These bonuses will be implemented randomly in every node, so if you happen to face-off against the same user with the same team, the outcome can vary depending on your roster and luck. Both these bonuses will be generated by RNG rather than a fixed modifier like Catalysts, so the elemental buff can help your fights but the effectiveness will vary depending on your roster (example is below).

    While buffs can make fights easier, there is a cost of losing out potential extra points from the character bonuses. I know that every character has an elemental variant but that is very specific to one or two variants. So if you want to get that Water Element-only buff and that Eliza Bonus points, you pretty much have to win with In Denile. This will be the main incentive for generating a diverse roster set. Sometimes, you'll have to lose out on these character points to gain that buff and win the fight (boss nodes especially should give attackers stronger buffs).

    Since there are 13 playable characters and only 10 nodes, every node will have a different character bonus. How the character bonus works will be exactly like how Blockbuster Finishers work to prevent players from simply adding a Bronze character in the backseat to get those extra points.

    Potential Problems

    I thought about this idea as a Rank Silver 1 player that has only been playing for 4 months so I do not have the perspective of a veteran player. From my (limited) knowledge, since most higher tier players will already have a diverse party regardless, I don't think my idea will have any significant effect on them. Or maybe it will, I do not know. I was thinking of limiting this feature to Silver-Gold ranks only where it can make a larger impact but with the matchmaking system not taking into account rank difference at the moment, this is currently impossible.

    Having to think about character points in addition to overcoming powerful Catalysts could simply just add more frustration. How they fix Catalysts will affect this particular problem.

    Balancing the buffs and debuffs infliction for elemental bonuses can be difficult but I do not think it's impossible. Since every node has a battle modifier for the defenders, the type of buffs/debuffs gained or inflicted from elemental bonuses can be adjusted to be specific 'counters' to each node with varying levels of effectiveness. For example, the Armor Node could grant the attacker three possible elemental bonuses:

    1. Inflict curse for 13 seconds after every 13th hit
    2. Throws inflict Armor Break
    3. Gain 10 seconds enrage and 3 stack of precision every 15 seconds

    Each of these bonuses are meant to work best with certain fighters so having a diverse array of fighters will give you the ability to take advantage of whichever elemental bonus appears. These could also be adjusted depending on the meta.

    Those are the ones I could think of from the top of my head. I do not know how easy or difficult it is to implement this so it might simply be for nothing. With the addition of catalysts, I just thought we need a bit of a buff on the attacker's side. Outside of Rifts, maybe this can be applied to daily events too, especially the character bonus (extra canopy coins/moves instead of points). Or maybe an idea for future content?

    Tell me if this is a great or horrible idea. I'm pretty sure a lot of people might have thought or even post something similar. Feel free to suggest anything else.
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