• [2018/06/22]
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Is it just me or is photo bop’s damage really low for a BB3?


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Jun 11, 2018
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To clarify, I’ve noticed that photo bop doesn’t deal a lot of damage like most BB3s. According to the photos below, it only deals about 60% of the damage dealt by pillar of creation, and pillar of creation is a BB2. I would guess that it is that way by design because photo bop is the only BB3 that staggers opponents instead of flinging them to the other side of the stage and it has a chance to insta-kill, but I think the description of photo bop should be changed to reflect this because currently photo bop’s damage is described as very high while pillar of creation’s is described as high. Maybe the descriptions should be switched because as of right now, the description does not match the actual values.EE037BD5-6E31-49BD-8D89-E73888000D10.jpgFF25B033-DA40-48DF-B2F4-047990A43DD5.jpg
yeah i think its made to be used for a combo since the enemy gets staggered right afterwards, and since its a BB3 its practically a free stagger.