• [2018/06/22]
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Other Killjoy and plot twisted glitches/bugs


Oct 14, 2018
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So I was playing a match against and my final enemy (shockingly) was killjoy and I beat her and was expecting like a sec and 1/2 break before an enemy revived and tagged back in, but eliza just got up immediately without tagging in, just got up and beat the life out of my Beowulf... fun. Oh and in another match I was fighting plot twisted with my silent kill and, idk if I’m crazy or not but because I too busy trying to stay alive with 10 percent health, but I swear when I fought her and tried to remove her ability to send back damage when she revives, I got rid of all of her debuffs as well. And I remember them all being halfway finished. Not sure. I’ll try and test it out with another player and report back whether it’s true or not
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Yeah, I had the same kill joy bug happen to me twice which always cost me my streak in pf. Idk why it happens but it might be because we were standing right on top of the enemy about to be revived but it doesn't always happen like that.