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Other Korean users’ suggestion/feedback

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by crx, Feb 16, 2019.

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    Jul 19, 2018
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    Korean users’ suggestion/feedback for the Skullgirls mobile.

    (this letter was written on 2.13. so some of our suggestion may be overlapped on today's patchnote, but i think it's better to leave contents.)

    To who may concern,

    Hello, we are a group of very, very enthusiastic Skullgirls mobile players from the Korean server.

    As we really hope the game goes well and we can enjoy this for a long time, we’ve talked about how games can be better.

    Please have a deep consideration of our voice.

    Now here is our idea about how the game can be better:

    <Character/ elements/ prize fights>

    1. Rewards subdivision - Current rewards range between rank 1~10, ~10% has some problems: players who aim for rank 1~10, end with ~10% by just a few hundred scores difference, and get the same rewards as rest of ~10% gets really depressed. It also causes players to get tired of the game easily. Subdivide rewards like 1~10 and 11~100 would motivate users more.

    <Medici prize fights>

    1. Rewards reinforcement & rewards subdivision - Due to the release of diamond rank characters, required canopy coins for upgrades increased significantly. But still, rewards from Medici prize fights are quite low.

    It is very thankful to open additional Medici prize fight on weekend, but increasing milestone rewards and event rewards, and subdivide reward range would be great.

    <Rift battles>

    1. High score users matching problem - Due to Pyramidical structure of user score, when it comes to high score user matching, it is very unlikely to happen (frequently it needs more than 9 hours to match a game).

    It would be better if the rift matching range is fixed, so players can enjoy the game.

    2. Please add matching cancel function - and if the user does not cancel, the user can reroll the queue without any penalty time. Users who cannot get match have to recheck every 5 minutes and gets difficulty in real life work.

    3. Too high min battles completed for the rewards - So quite a number of users decided not to play Rifts at all.

    Reducing the required number rifts to 4~5 times would encourage users to join the contents.

    4. "No death" point setting is way too high - Please reduce the point.

    5. Please add the surrender function.

    6. Instant finish and score calculation when both players finish - waiting 2 hours although both players finished the game is a bit long time to wait.


    We know it takes more than 1400 pictures drawn by hand for each character and it is technically hard.

    But again, we really like to see the new skins on characters.

    For reference like a game League of Legends, skins that change the look of characters but still does not affect the gameplay is very tempting to users.

    If this is really really too hard, then we can satisfy with adding some accessories to characters (e.g Parasoul's glasses).

    Finally, thank you for reading this letter, and please we are very happy to hear your opinion and other improvements.

    Thank you.
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