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List of Useful Acronyms


Oh Sai
Hidden Variable Dev
May 8, 2017
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Are you new to the forums? Perhaps you've come across a post that said something like "My AF procced unflinch and then MGRed into a BB1, then a BB3 for a KO." and you were worried the user was having a stroke. Worry not, they were simply far too well versed in Skullgirls Mobile's many acronyms.
I've compiled a list below that will hopefully help clear up some confusion you may have about these. I've tried to separate them into sections for easier reading, but there's some overlap on where some should be. If there's any important acronyms you feel I've missed or don't understand, please let me know in the comments!


SG / SG2E: Skullgirls / Skullgirls 2nd Encore (the console and PC version)
SGM: Skullgirls Mobile

PF: Prize Fights
DE: Daily Events
CC: Canopy Coins
TN: Theonite

SM: Special Moves. Does not require meter to charge but it has a cooldown. You can equip as many of the same SM as you want on a single fighter. Damage ranges from none, very low, low, and medium.

CD: Cooldowns. Special moves, tag ins, and energy points all have a cooldown.

BB: Blockbusters, can’t equip two of the same blockbusters, but you can equip two of the same tier except for Tier 3 Blockbusters.

BB1: Tier 1 blockbusters, takes the least amount of meter to fully charge. Does high damage.
BB2: Tier 2 blockbusters, takes more meter to fully charge than BB1. Does very high damage.
BB3: Tier 3 blockbusters, takes the most meter to fully charge. Does ultra damage. Also unblockable and guaranteed to hit your opponent regardless of distance.

L1, L2, L3, L4, L5
G1, G2, G3, G4, G5:

L: Launcher (swipe up). Some fighters may have more than 1 hit, like Eliza has 2 hits with her launcher.

A: Aerial Attack. AKA “Juggle”. Only works if the opponent is launched midair and is not grounded.
A1: 1st aerial attack. (Tap x1)
A2: 2nd aerial attack. Will automatically begin after A1.
A3: 3rd aerial attack. Will automatically begin after A2 if the character has unlocked the "Advanced Air Juggle" node in the skill tree.

D1: Dash Attack (swipe from left to right once)
D2: Knockback Attack (swipe from left to right twice)

BD: Back Dash (swipe from right to left)

T: Throw (swipe with 2 fingers in any direction)
S: Sweep (swipe down)
C: Charge Attack (tap and hold then release). Can be made unblockable via Skill Tree upgrade.

Proc: Procedure / Programmed Random OCcurrence: Many abilities in SGM rely on a percentage chance to activate. For example Cerebella's Excellabella has a 15% to inflict stun. When a move does trigger this event it's known as 'proccing'. eg: "I procced Excellabella".
Character Menus:

CA: Character Ability. Every character has a specific ability that all variations of that character share. Beowulf's CA is Hype Mode, Eliza's lets her change into Sekhmet, etc.

: Signature Ability. Every variation of a character has a unique SA that sets them apart from other versions. SA's are disabled by the "Hex" modifier.
SA1: 1st half of Signature Ability (the top one)
SA2: 2nd half of Signature Ability (the bottom one)

: Skill Points. These are the character coins you use to upgrade a character's skill tree.
ST: Skill Tree. Unlock upgrades in a fighter’s skill tree to make him or her stronger.

Marquee Ability. All fighters of the same character have the same Marquee Ability Coming soon.
MA1: 1st half of Marquee Ability (top)
MA2: 2nd half of Marquee Ability (bottom)

: Move Points. Every SM and BB costs MP to equip to your character, if you exceed your MP limit you'll need to remove some SMs/BBs before equipping new ones.
MS: Move Slots. All fighters start with 2 move slots and can be upgraded to a maximum of 5.

Character Specific:
There are many character specific acronyms too. Far too many to list here! A handful of examples are:

: Harlequinn Cerebella
AF: Armed Forces Cerebella
WB: Wolfsbane Beowulf

MGR: Merry Go-Rilla (Cerebella's long range grab SM)
SSJ: Super Sonic Jazz (Big Band's forward charging BB1)
GDO: George's Day Out (Peacock's SM where a bomb walks across the stage)
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Very useful! I'll admit I was a tiny bit confused for a little while.
I've never actually tried to equip two BB3s, so I didn't realise there was a restriction on those. All tiers can get to 15 MP, right?
Speaking of which, I don't know if anyone else uses that acronym...
MP: Move Points (the system for limiting the number of Special Moves and Blockbusters you can equip)
SP: Skill Points (earned from levelling up fighters and specific challenges, used to upgrade them)
SM: Special Move
BB: Blockbuster [character super attacks]
BB1 / BB2 / BB3 : There are different levels of BBs. BB1 and 2 are basically identical, but BB3s are extremely powerful and unblockable. You can only equip 1 BB3 at a time, but any number of different BB1s and 2s.

Great stuff, just some more detailed info I thought you might wanna include:

Special moves have a set cooldown and can be used whenever it fully cools down. Typically taunt and burst SM will cost 1-2 move points. Regular ones are always 2 MP, and outtakes always costs 3 MP and have the longest cooldown. No limited in the amount of duplicate special moves you can equip on a single fighter.
BB: you can never equip more than 1 of the same BB for any character
BB1 are the fastest to charge up but do the least amount of damage, there's no limit to how many different BB1 you can equip
BB2 take longer to charge than BB1, but does more damage than BB1. Also no limit in equipping different BB2 on a character.
BB3 takes the longest to charge and unlike BB1&2, BB3 cannot be blocked. But BB3 can miss or be dodged. You can never equip more than 1 BB3.
Great stuff, just some more detailed info I thought you might wanna include:
Hoo boy it's been a while since I meant to update/reply to this!
I opted to keep the descriptions as short as possible. This isn't really a full guide, just a really quick shorthand for what some terms mean. Thanks though!
Why not bump this, eh?
But I also do have some feedback. I even had a heated discussion with some people about it. This is not a criticism of your guide, Cellsai, as the term is indeed in popular usage, but I’d like to point out that (in my opinion) light “L” attacks are improper terminology as light/medium/heavy game mechanics do not apply in SGM (as you have admitted yourself), and if we were to use SG2E labels on a L5 combo we would see that a large portion of the attacks aren’t actually even light, anyway.
Of course I know I would be one against many to try to force a change in this regard so I’m not asking you to edit your public guide to reflect my personal views, so I guess all I’m saying is FYI it could also be called something else, maybe more accurate. I prefer G5 for ‘5-hit ground combo’.
The L1-5 notation is what the dev team have used internally when they talk about different inputs. I actually asked them what they used when discussing inputs before making this. There was already several different types of notations floating around like G1 (Ground), L1 (Light), T1 (Tap) when I decided to make this little guide, so I just went with the most official source to try and standardize everything.

I'm obviously not going to force anyone to use any notations listed here, so use whatever you like. On a personal note though, I agree that L1 is confusing, but if you don't already know what a G1 is, it's just as confusing as an L1 because there are several types of ground hits that are not G1-5s.
Oh, fair enough. I think I heard about that with the game files, actually; @moisterrific won’t shut up about how the code uses ‘BB’ notation totally differently to how we do. I agree of course that anyone’s free to call it what they want; I just like to think that G is more intuitive, although T does also make more sense than L in my opinion now that you mention it. My defence for G notation, if it were to need any, is that it’s used to refer to a combo rather than a one- or two-hit attack like all of the swipes so I’d argue that there is less confusion than you might think.