• [2018/06/22]
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Collection Lower daily relic refresh time to 20-22 hours (Claim relic at the start screen?)


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Jun 23, 2017
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Little QoL improvement.

As the title says, i believe it would be nice if the daily relic would refresh a little quicker than the current 24 hours.

With a 24 hour cycle, whenever you don't open the relic at the same time as yesterday, it will get pushed back further and further.

I usually play a little bit in the morning, opening my daily and take a break relic, but sometime i'm too early and it's still on cooldown. Now i'll open it sometime later in the day when i play the game again, meaning the day after i won't be able to claim it in the morning either.

So reducing the cooldown by a few hours would be nice to be able to open it always in the same timewindow, even if you are a little on the early side.

Not really a priority, but this would be a nice Quality of Life improvement <3

Also while on the topic of dailies and break relics, another nice QoL change would be if you could claim them directly either on the login bonus page or on the home menu, because on the relic screen they are all the way to the bottom, making it a little annoying having to scroll through.
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