• [2018/06/22]
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M-30W discussion


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Sep 12, 2018
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Today the SGM Twitter revealed the second bronze Robo Fortune variant, called M-30W. M-30W's SA is called Far, Far Away and gives her invincibility when she is hit from long range. The video also revealed the Variable Cutter special move that can stun and power surge, and the Magnet Trap was revealed to be a level 2 blockbuster. M-30W was given the C-3PO colors. What do you all think of this variant?

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i love the name of her SA! fits so well haha
i like the idea of getting invincible while being hit from far away but how it actually works out may be up for debate. id have to see the second part of her SA to see whether she’d actually be a viable bronze variant
I’m reserving judgment until we know what the second half of her SA is. I do like the idea of invincibility from projectiles but that alone doesn’t make a great defense or offense... could be either a nice safety net or an extra hindrance on her opponents. We’ll see. Like the palette and name choice, though!
pretty clear that the SA is when youre "far far away" from the opponent you get 5 second invincibility, which is pretty interesting!
variable cutter seems to apply 5s stun and 10s power surge
the most interesting part of this is the new buff though, it only appears for like. 1 frame at the end but its called BARRIER! magnetic trap applies this at the last hit, and hopefully the next variant will show us exactly what this does
Good, we have a 'Star Wars' colour pallet now. All that's left is the 'Iron-man' colour pallet and I will be satisfied.
The next variant did indeed give us a good idea of how Barrier works: it looks like it gives you a bit of overshield, presumably based on a percentage of your health. Nyanotech was also protected from debuffs, but that may be part of her SA.
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