• [2018/06/22]
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Marie Heartless: Invest in Accuracy?


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May 27, 2023
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For my Heartless, I managed to get some moves with great ATK % (still hoping to move that defense stat to piercing though, only Cabinet of Curiosities has the Marie retakes unfortunately). Wondering if I should try to invest more in Accuracy in the future? It’s always nice facing a Death Wish last and having the three debuffs lead to an easy kill.

I’ve noticed in rift though it seems like some fighters with high resistance lead to only 2 or less debuffs on last tag in, which is why I assume bringing up my Accuracy will help? Note: Valentines ICU always converts one debuff to heavy regen against my Heartless seems like.

Yes, Heartless' second ability is more accurately written "While Marie is alive, 100% chance (per debuff) to inflict Quietus, Hex, and Heavy Bleed for 20 seconds when the last surviving opponent tags in." Resistance directly lowers that chance, so a Private Dick with an additional 50% Resistance from moves (i.e. 100% total Resistance, which isn't otherwise obtainable) would tag in with no debuffs at all. Accuracy, contrariwise, increases your chance of inflicting the debuffs -- if you had +30% Accuracy, opponents would need more than 30% Resistance to even have a chance to resist!

ICU Valentines tag in with only 2 debuffs for another reason entirely -- since one of the debuffs is Heavy Bleed and none of them are Curse, ICU overrides it with a Heavy Regen. In high-difficulty Parallel Realms, the Coagulation modifier will replace that Heavy Bleed with one stack of regular Regen instead.
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