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Dec 23, 2023
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It's a Hatsune Miku inspired recolor I made in 30 minutes. I used the originalsynthetic death.png 2007 Miku palette, so it's not as vibrant as you guys would prefer. But I'd say its a fun recolor, and a much better alternative to Idol Threat, which i dislike a lot to be honest.

The song I had in my mind when mixing Miku and Marie was Saihate, which is a very old song by the vocaloid producer Kobayashi onyx and sang by Miku herself. It talks about the loss of a lover, and the pain and regret over a life that was prematurely ended. Topics that, sadly, Marie is very familiar to. So my quote for the variant would be the final line of the song:

"たおやかな恋でした, さよなら"

"It was such a graceful love, farewell"

I feel like a lot of Marie's variants tend to bend a little more for the defensive side of the meta, so I knew that I couldn't give her a high ATK, and also that wouldn't really fit with the variant's central theme. But it's not like my first original variant is gonna be a boring rift-centered defensive junk (I'm looking at you Big Band), so I went with more versatile stats.

Element: Water
Base Rank: Gold
MAX ATK: 8,581
MAX HP: 65,476​


SA1: When charging mortuary charge inflict IMMOBILIZE and DEATH MARK for 15/20/25 seconds.
IMMOBILIZE ends when Marie isn't charging.

SA2: If hit while charging, the damage will be felt only by teammates that are NOT Peacock.
If hit while charging with Peacock as teammate, damage will be SOLELY taken by Marie and will be increased 50%/40%/35%.

SA2 (alternative): If hit while charging, the damage will be felt only by teammates that are NOT Peacock.
If hit while charging with Peacock as teammate, inflict QUIETUS for 20/25/30 seconds.

I feel like teammates taking damage instead of the variant on action is a great way to put those defensive fighters to good use in offensive scenarios (I'm looking at you again, Big Band), and no one better to make this bridge than the queen of the dead herself. Also, I'm kinda down for a lore-themed Signature Ability, it's a fun way to insert the story on the storyless side of the game. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this little recolor, Miku has always been part of my life since I was a very young boy so seeing her on the places I go to is nice, like greeting an old friend. Here is some of the other shots for the recolor, which was made in palette editor:
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