• [2018/06/22]
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Other My Future Skullgirls Guild


✝️ Valentine the Silver Blade Fox
Lady Valentine is an expert master of both Medical treatments and
Assassination skills that were specialized from her abilities as a Professional Ninja.

Also as one of the top officers of NETSPOD, Valentine vows to support
and help Parasoul to achieve her goals and aid her at all times possible.
Lady Marie however was not always fond of her presence sometimes since theye were once enemies of a another reason and destiny by fate.
Valentine, aka the legendary "Silver BladeFox" vows to protect the defenseless from their enemy abusers and take them under her own care.
AltarEgo Supremo 2.png

✝️ Double
the Alienmorhic Shapeshifter

DOUBLE was mysterious churchgoing Nun named Tania who had deliberately
been under the sle service of both the Skullgirl, Marie and even Parasoul.
Tania (DOUBLE) was a very quiet Ladu who eventually had an "accident"
and had Unexpectedly drank a mysterious chemical drink that had lead her
to her own Mutational Transformation. Rumor had it that Tania believed So
very much to God that she even went so paranoid and Crazy.
Tania was soo very crazy that she even dared to believe that drinking the Most
Vicious Chemical Drink on earth will grant her Infinite Salvation!
But Instead it granted her an Infinite Mutation in return!
Tania`s mutation granted her very extraordinary Transforming Nightmarous
abilities thus as nick named the "XENOMORPH." Tania also had another
fierce ability within known as "Elemental Manipulation"
Tania Double had also the capability of transforming into another Extremely
fearful creature known as "ALTAR EGO INFERNO." Her Ultimate form as ALTAR
EGO INFERNO was said even to be capable to Destroy any Living thing on thel planet thus marking her as one of the most extremely dangerous members of NETSPOD.
Even an Army of assassins could fall powerless before her ability!
Tania vows to punish those who don`t know the real meaning of Life and Faith and
thus bringing pure Death and Destruction to those who opposed both her friends
and the guild she had put faith upon.
NETSPOD guild now faces another great threat as another New Year
Once again gathered and United they will now challenge the greatest enemy
of all humanity.... Political Corruption, Pandemics and Civil War abuse await
on their table of Missions to once be resolved Once for All for the better
for the World!