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Name References

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gmo, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Gmo

    Gmo New Member

    Jun 12, 2017
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    There are a lot of great names for character variants. I thought it would be a good waste of my time to compile a list of them all.

    These are my best guesses and I'm starting with my favorites and will be expanding on it as I have time.

    Feel free to add your guesses or corrections and I'll pull them into this list. Special thanks to moist for generously and unknowingly saving me time and headache via plagiarism of their move tier thread.

    Edit: Added some more. Will get the rest on there later. Thanks for contributing.


    • Harlequin: Harley Quinn from Batman.
    • Armed Forces: Arm pun.
    • Big Top: Circus ref.
    • Gray Matter: Brain pun.
    • Understudy:
    • Headstrong: The head is quite literally strong.
    • Parasite Weave: Ref to Parasite Eve. Great PS1 game from SquareSoft. HD remake please.
    • Dread Locks: Hippy hair pun.
    • Hair Apparent:
    • Bad Ms Frosty: Mr Frosty ice cream ref?
    • Bad Hair Day: More like Bad-bum Hair Day.
    • Frayed Ends:
    • Primed: Metroid reference.
    • Princess Pride: Best damn movie ever: The Princess Bride.
    • No Egrets: No regrets.
    • Ivy League: Poison Ivy from Batman.
    • Sheltered:
    • Heavy Reign:
    • That's All Folks: Looney Tunes reference.
    • Untouchable: Mickey Mouse's unending copyright.
    • Pea Shooter: Plants vs Zombies ref.
    • Inkling:
    • Rerun:
    • Sketchy:
    • Last Hope:
    • Silent Kill: Silent Hill.
    • Oh Mai: Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury.
    • Graveyard Shift:
    • Scrub: Hospital garments / noob.
    • Icy Hot: Ointment ref.
    • Raw Nerv: Evangelion ref. My personal favorite. Painwheel's colors are from Eva Unit 01.
    • Buzzkill: Buzzsaw pun.
    • Rage Appropriate: Age appropriate.
    • Blood Drive:
    • Rusty: Iron oxidation.
    • Twisted Mettle: Twisted Metal ref.
    Big Band
    • Private Dick: Dick Tracy ref.
    • Epic Sax: Meme reference.
    • Resonant Evil: Resident Evil.
    • Robocopy: Robocop.
    • Bassline:
    • Beatbox: Mouthy musical style.
    • Diva Intervention: Divine intervention with sass.
    • Bloodbath: A massacre.
    • Bloody Valentine: Band and/or movie.
    • Scarlet Viper: Crimson Viper from Street Fighter.
    • In Denile: In denial about the Nile.
    • Decrypted: She's no longer in a crypt.
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  2. T0modachi

    T0modachi New Member

    Jun 24, 2017
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    I think ivy league is a reference to poison ivy. Big top is a joke on the fact that cerebella fights with a hat and the whole circus theme around her
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  3. TheUltimatePowerman

    Jun 20, 2017
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    I'm sure heavy reign is a pun on the game heavy rain and scrubs is a term used in the medical industry is the uniform nurses wear. Also a couple of story ones, headstrong is cerebela's bunny outfit at the end of her story mode in the original Skullgirls, last hope is nurse Christmas from valentines story mode and graveyard shift is the skullgirl valentine turns into at the end of her story.
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  4. AFI

    AFI Member

    Jun 25, 2017
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    Harlequin: Colour palette based on DC's Harley Quin (her original colours)
    Big Top: A name for the tent at a circus I believe.
    Understudy: A name for a stand in performer in case the original performer gets sick or can't do it.
    Headstrong: Because the thing on her head is strong (this might actually be the puniest of them all)

    Hair Apparent: I've no clue
    Bad Ms Frosty: No clue
    Bad Hair Day: HAHAHAH it's funny cause it has hair.
    Frayed Ends: A term in hair IDK what it means, but a fray is a battle.

    Ivy League: As said earlier it's a reference to poison Ivy
    Sheltered: Because an umbrella provides shelter, and she's a rich royal so many assume that they're sheltered.
    Heavy Reign: Reign as in ruling, but also rain as in falling rainn that you use an Umbrella to protect yourself from.

    Untouchable: Based on Mickey Mouse I think, and Mickey Mouse indirectly changed copyright laws so he couldn't be used as public domain making him Untouchable.
    Inkling: Ink as in Ink, Idk the rest.
    Rerun: A rerun cartoon is where there's no new episodes and they just play the old episodes.
    Sketchy: Because people sketch cartoon characters, and sketchy is also a term for someone who you don't know much about, but is kinda shady.

    Last Hope: The name of the team she worked on in ASG before they were all killed and she defected to join Marie.
    Graveyard Shift: Synonym for the night shift, also she's killing people.
    Scrub: Scrubs are a name for hospital garments.
    Icy Hot: I think it has something to do with the fact that she's water type, but also attractive.

    Buzzkill: She kills things and her Buer unit makes a buzzing noise.
    Blood Drive: Drive as in drive a knife into your skin, but a blood drive is a big blood donation charity thing (Eliza does some, but skims them to take some blood) also the signiature ability inflicts bleed.
    Rusty: Rusty metal.

    Bassline: a part of a song.
    Beatbox: He'll beat you physically, but beatboxing is a type of music.

    Bloodbath: She likes blood and she'll kill you and make your blood go everywhere?
    Scarlet Viper: Bootleg version of the palette's inspiration; Crimson Viper from street fighter.
    Decrypted: Means a code or secret that was figured out, and Egyptians were buried in crypts.
  5. OrionsDagger

    OrionsDagger New Member

    Jul 19, 2017
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    Hair Apparent is a play on heir apparent. As she's a part of the powerful Medici family and could be considered an heir... Plus you know the whole hair thing going on.
  6. Tom Kulczewski

    Tom Kulczewski Active Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    I read Hair Apparent Filia was made to emulate her before Samson, as she was actually blonde.

    Also Bloody Valentine Eliza is a reference to Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop (color palette).
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  7. Shawesome

    Shawesome Active Member

    Jun 25, 2017
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    Inkling: Probably a reference to the Inklings from Splatoon.
  8. brassknux

    brassknux Active Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Bad Ms. Frosty : Bad Mr. Frosty from Clay Fighter
  9. Vex

    Vex Member

    Jun 7, 2017
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    Sheltered and Heavy Reign (sounds like rain) are allusions to both princesses and umbrellas.

    Bassline is an obvious music reference but I think it may also be a shout out to Bass from the DOA series.
  10. Karby64

    Karby64 Member

    May 29, 2017
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    What I don't like about Big Band's Resonant Evil is that the skin is an Advance Wars reference and I was hoping to see some sort of Advance War reference :/

    Inkling is an actual word, and since Peacock is based on old timey cartoons and those were done with ink, yeah.
  11. Tayla_The_Potato

    Jun 11, 2017
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    Ooh now we gotta get the Beowulf ones. There are;

    Underdog: dog reference
    Wulfsbane: idk I think it's a plant but also werewolf ref
    Number one: meme also Star Trek apparently
    Cold stones: no clue
    Hype man: his SA is hype so I guess related to that
    Weekend warrior: I think his dalies might be dumped on Sunday too so probably that

    Idk I'm probably wrong but those are definitely the names of the variants at least
  12. BambooEarpick

    BambooEarpick Member

    Jun 2, 2017
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    Weekend Warrior is a palette reference to the Ultimate Warrior from classic Pro Wrestling.

    Cold Stones is based around stuns. It's a Steve Austin reference.
  13. Wulfden

    Wulfden Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2017
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    I believe Cold Stones is a ref to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin from WWE from way back when, if I'm right and I know my wrestling!

    Weekend Warrior is also modeled after the Ultimate Warrior who was what the palette refs, complete with the body paint like the wrestler too tbh

    And yeah! Wulfsbane is definitely after the toxic flowers that can cause nausea among other symptoms and death! The werewolf ref tho was kinda ironic considering you could easily die touching the flower without proper protection, but it was believed that wolfsbane would deter werewolves, or the very least, kill them should they ingest or smell it!

    Dude honestly, thanks for bringing them up! It was super fun getting to do some research and jumping onto the thread to talk about the ones that were a bit iffy!

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