• [2018/06/22]
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Need help with this challenge


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Nov 11, 2021
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Hello everybody,I have trouble finishing the following challenges:
Going all in, basic, river king casino, where you need to beat 2 eobocopys in under 10 seconds with bronze character.
Ascent of a woman basic, where you need to beat 2 para souls and 2 valentines in under 20 seconds with bronze character
Thanks so much in advance!!!
  • Use a strong bronze character with high damage output and fast attacks
  • Build up your special move meter quickly and use your Blockbuster move as soon as it's available
  • Focus on attacking one opponent at a time
These challenges require you to beat specific opponents within a time limit using a bronze character. Good luck!
To excel in the game, opt for a robust bronze character with high damage and fast attacks. Prioritize filling your special move meter swiftly and unleash your Blockbuster move promptly. Focus your attacks on a single opponent for better results.