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Collection New Filter: Non-favorite

Sep 10, 2017
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Working on new training projects, ie for SP farming or fodder, it would be useful to exclude the characters I have favorited to make searching easier. My suggestion is the make a collection filter that excludes Favorites, and to cut on screen real estate, it takes the same spot as the Favorites heart icon, but has a / or X through it, and cycles Off>Favorites>Non-Favorited>Off as the button is tapped.
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Most of my collection is fodder. Maybe instead of having to go through and mark each one, how about if they have no moves equipped, they automatically fall into the skill-points/evolution material shelf. A sub-directory of resources to be hidden until called upon.

The thrifty types that only have one set of ultra-leveled-up moves that they are endless equipping/unequipping for every fight can get around the moves-less fighters dropping into the fodder bin by keeping them favorited, I guess. (or just, you know, build every fighter with moves intended for them!)
Some useful ideas are flying in here. To reduce the tedium of scrolling through hundreds of fighters then opt-in/out of favorite, it’s a welcoming addition.
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maybe we can have the current filtering system, but instead of click once to select click again to unselect we can do click omce for select click again for reverse select click a third time to cancle. keep the reset button for quick cancle.
for example. i could click once on heart to filter fav only, open filter to click second time on heart now to filter for nonfav, open filter agian to click on heart a third time for cancle.

i included ' open filter ' becsuse fear if we ever get this the devs would make it like the fighter selection screen, click once and reset. shudder.
In a post I made (that is still pending moderation) I talk about this issue as well. What we currently have is a whitelist option, meaning that any variant that fits the selected requirements will only show.
What I recommend adding is a blacklist option, meaning that any variant that fit the selected requirements will be non-visible, only show those that don't fit them.