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Other "New" Gamemode idea


Jul 23, 2018
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In order to keep this one shorter than usual I'll try to stick to just one idea and maybe some minor ones.

So this "new" game mode I am speaking off would be accessed either in the Story menu, to give it some purpose, or the rift menu as all it is really is a glorified single player rifts. Now, while some of you are probably already no longer reading, this mode (I call it Invasions) addresses a few things like - more early game (bronze-silver tier content) / more super end game content / a new collector goal, non rng brag rights / a way to spend unused keys / something to break weekly routine / hopefully encouraging players to spend some theonite?

So that's good and all, but what actually are the "Invasions" these are randomly appearing themed defense maps posing players with "never seen before" challenge for interesting rewards, these would effectively play out as rift against an AI, I do not really see how we could simulate an AI attacking the player though, so player defense would probably not be a part of the challenge. But going for the highest possible score using the rift scoring and fighter use limits is.

Invasions would consist of multiple difficulties, of varying rewards and fairness, players can choose what difficulty to challenge but they do have to unlock them by beating the previous difficulty first much like the story content. However not to force top 200 players to play rookie level content, having a high enough rift rank would allow players to skip lower difficulties.

While the lowest difficulties should focus on being new player friendly if not exclusive, the higher difficulties should effectively try to curb stomp the players, with the highest difficulty being the most ridiculous and unfair challenge the game has to offer, of course top 10 players would probably still clear them fairly easily, but if only diamond4 + players can earn a passing score I'd call it a success.

To elaborate on what I mean by unfair isn't just using high stat modifiers, nor even using a nasty combinations of existing modifiers. I mean content specifically created to be unfair with completely imbalanced, new, AI only variants or move SA's making every node a tactical challenge requiring skill and encouraging using counter variants wherever possible. These highest difficulty Invasions would hope to simulate the difficulty of some lore events like the Giant Robo Fortunes or Eliza's Blood Golem without actually figuring out how could fighting a giant enemy work in a fighting game.

So, what kind of rewards would there be for players to ever consider the highest difficulty worth their effort? I personally believe we should introduce optional rewards to sgm. Allowing players to pick between skill points, coins, keys, elemental shards, relics whatever they feel like they want the most (maybe even let them take fractions of the reward pool to split in between multiple items) but none of these things sound that amazing do they? Well that is because these are for lower difficulties. Players good enough to not only earn a passing score, but get a high score on the highest difficulty, should be presented with an exclusive variant of the character the invasion was themed around. And subsequent clears for an exclusive character that the player already owns could reward player with unique currency used to evolve this fighter or do something with it that would let the world know this player is THAT good.

For the "smaller", not invasion clear related rewards I suggest introducing treasure nodes, which would work just like the regular treasure nodes but with a twist, once cleared player would be allowed to spend a key, coins or theonite to increase the node's rewards. We could also stuff all the craziest rewards into the treasure node drops including timed increased exp tickets, Move stat re rollers, move tier evolvers and whatever other ideas come to mind, of course rewarded in moderation and increasing with difficulty (and the offering fed to the treasure)

It could also be worth considering having some kind of entry tickets that players could aim to collect, and they'd choose whether to spend an entry ticket and enter the current Invasion or save it for a character they are more interested in. (No entry tickets for lowest difficulties?)


From a different barrel because I can not focus on my own idea right now T.T I'd like to talk about a few smaller ideas that came up lately but I do not think they'll get their own thread, starting with Fukua :

- A very old idea of mine I had was to let players obtain Fukua only by sacrificing Filia's which, honestly I do not think the "only" part would work that well, but adding it as an alternative or have a non relic variant(s) obtained this way sounds like a fun idea.

- Lately mentos has also accidentally inspired me to come up with a new debuff for Fukua to use, with the help of Elab we came up with "virus" (we did not decide on a good name for it yet, Soul Contamination would be perfect but as so happens this name already exists in universe and we can't use it) the virus would be a self multiplying version of bleed.
Only 1 stack can be applied by the enemy fighter, it deals damage slower than bleed, and gaining immunity would remove all virus stacks, but every time a virus stack expires 2 stacks of the same length as the original stack would be applied. Which sounds like an interesting alternative to Filia's bleed.

Another idea was to make Fukua an opposite of Filia and have her apply healing to herself rather than bleed to the opponents, if this route is taken the "virus" could still work the same way as a buff.

- And the last small idea of this batch is another very old one, which are secret variants, that can only be obtained by using a specific combination of fighters as evolution fodder (The player gets the choice if they want to get the secret variant instead to avoid players accidentally finding the combination)
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