• [2018/06/22]
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Next Squigly Gold Variant

nui harime squigly?

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Aug 30, 2018
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idea: nui harime kill-la-kill variant squigly as a light type gold variant
i’m not sure about SA but like i think it’s unfair that the only kill-la-kill variant is immortal fibre;-;

Edit (26/10/2018)

Recently I saw a fire variant Nui Harime Squigly on the character variant fan art post and I started rethinking about this post.
Which essentially lead me to start thinking about a character ability for that fire variant.
First off, I think it makes sense that Nui Squig would be a fire variant, just like how immortal fibre is fire, they’re—at least in the anime—made of the same thing. but here’s the catch.

SA1: Mended Weakness
Every time SILVER STRING HITS (does not work against unflinching) squigly’s type changes to the winning type.
(for easier understanding: Starts off FIRE against WATER defender, blah blah combos and hits silver string, becomes grass and deals more damage for the rest of the combo)
SA2: Piercing Power
When in the winning type advantage deal 60%(80%???) with ALL DAMAGE

Points i’d like to bring up:
1. I don’t know if a SA surrounding a move is okay or not but i thought it was unique.
2. SA1 will make a good reason to use penalty reduction and advantage bonus as move sub-stats.
3. I’m worried that this will variant will render poltergust useless because of the damage buff. Poltergust does 100% damage with blockbusters against enemies with a full blockbuster. But Harime would do (adavantge bonus) 20% + 60% or more whatever. I just didn’t want to give her 100% damage so poltergust still kept her spot. I want them to be equally useful.

If you wanted to check out my muse ❤️
[Part 2/2, max 10 images per post]
within spoilers 'cause it's a lot!

image from the source above
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Jun 8, 2017
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I think it would be pretty cool, yeah, but only when the developers are ready to release another gold for Squigly.
Squigly is in a funny position because while she does have the same number of bronze variants as everyone else and three gold variants like almost everyone else, she is the only character with three silver variants and so she's somewhere near the bottom of the "can be expected to get a new variant sometime soon" list, alongside Big Band, Filia, Painwheel, Parasoul and Valentine.
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