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OFFICIAL: 1.6.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)


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May 5, 2017
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(11/14/17) Additional update notes added below in purple.

(11/8/2017) Release progress update:
As you've probably heard by now, our current tentative release date is 11/15.
This is the planned date set by LINE, so we all have our fingers crossed that it doesn't change.

If anything changes, (probably even if everything goes according to plan), we'll be back to keep everyone in the loop.

Again, we really appreciate everyone's patience while we get this update out!

(11/5/2017) Release progress update:
Quick update~!

We've submitted the builds to LINE QA for review.
Once those builds pass and are good to go, we can send em off to Apple for the final check!

We were hoping to start this process a little bit sooner for an early November release, but currently we're looking at an early to mid November release. (Hopefully leaning towards early!)

Once we nail down a more solid date, we'll post another update.

As always, we really appreciate your patience while we get these updates out!

(10/26/17) Additional update notes added below in red.

The new 1.6.0 update will be going LIVE in early November - notes on what you can expect below!

Made significant changes under the hood to how projectiles and other texture assets are allocated, significantly improving performance and stability (especially on lower end devices), particularly during high intensity moves like Big Band’s BB3 Strike Up The Band.


Double’s origins are a complete mystery. Seemingly without a will or motive of its own, this formless monster aids the Skullgirl.

Double is capable of transforming its nightmarish form into that of any person, but often appears as a smiling nun. It can frequently be found in the Grand Cathedral of the Divine Trinity, listening to confessions and attending to the catacombs beneath.

Double is designed as a technical, opportunistic character - high damage and low health, she uses her TRANSMUTATION Character Ability to adapt to different scenarios in battle and turn them to her advantage!

After BLOCKING without being hit for 1 second, Double will switch to a new random element. In addition, Double’s Elemental Advantage is increased, and her Elemental Disadvantage is decreased.


Double will have 7 new Fighters available via the UNSPEAKABLE RELIC, available every Friday (along with her Daily Event).


NOTE: Each of these Fighters are at Level 1 with NO Skill Tree upgrades.

For more details on these Fighters and their Signature Abilities, stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts -- we’ll reveal more clues about them as we approach the 1.6 update! We will update this post with new data as it is released.

In the meantime, if you want to speculate about the new characters, you can go to their dedicated Forum post threads below:
Double has a wide array of moves that include glimpses into some upcoming, yet to be released characters!


You will be able to get Double’s Moves from ANY MOVE RELIC (and Double’s Daily Event) as soon as 1.6.0 goes live.

There will also be a set of 3 new Double Prize Fights that will be going live soon after launch. We’ll update this post once the actual dates have been finalized!



  • Finally, a “feel good” Origin Story! Oh wait actually nvm.
  • Like all other Origin Stories:
    • Requires Player Level 20 to Unlock
    • Every Fight within an Origin Story requires that you use a Fighter of that story’s character type (in this case, Valentine)
    • Origin Stories are NOT EASY, especially in Advanced and Expert mode. Get ready for a challenge!
  • UP NEXT: Cerebella, Parasoul, and many more!
Valentine’s Origin Story introduces a BRAND NEW STAGE - No Man’s Land! In addition to her Origin Story, No Man’s Land will now randomly appear during Prize Fights as well.


Now, instead of ONLY overwriting a player’s “Snapshot” team in a Prize Fight if their new team has a higher FS, we will also overwrite the team if the new team FS is within 25% of the FS of the current Snapshot team.

This will help to create more variety in Prize Fight opponents, especially at higher levels (less Cerebellas)!

  • Cerebella
    • Fixed issue that would cause enemies to be immune to throws while staggered, fixing issue where Cerebella’s BB1 Ultimate Showstopper would whiff after a broken throw
  • Eliza
    • BB3 Lady of Slaughter can no longer be interrupted during startup
    • Fixed issue where Red Velvet’s Hex modifier was not properly disabling Eliza - In Denile or Valentine - Silent Kill's SAs
  • Painwheel
    • Buzzkill’s Hemorrhage SA will now activate more than once per fight and will display the proper percentage in its description.
  • Parasoul
    • Fixed issue where Parasoul's attacks would inflict damage on her own tears, leading to misleading visual information and potential unintended exploits of certain fight modifiers
  • Peacock
    • Updated Peacock's launcher to pull enemies closer to her to minimize dropped juggles
    • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause Shadow of Impending Doom to not actually drop any items ._.
  • Valentine
    • Removed invincibility from all BB1 Countervenom recovery frames to allow for proper punishing on block/whiff
  • Tag In Behavior
    • High difficulty enemy AI will now more frequently buffer block on tag-in
  • Improved Anti-Cornering Techniques
    • Fixed some issues that made it too easy to trap the enemy AI in the corner
NOTE: All these changes apply to players as well as AI opponents
  • Hit Reactions
    • Characters are now fully invincible after a Crumple hit reaction (ex: after a Big Band or Valentine throw) until they return to Stand
  • Projectile Element Affiliations
    • Fixed issue that prevented projectiles from properly conferring elemental advantage/disadvantage properties when calculating damage
  • Unexpected Unflinching Insta-wins
    • Fixed issue that would occasionally cause instant victory when defeating an opponent who has Unflinching
  • Buff Removal Fixes
    • Made global improvements to SA and Move logic to ensure that characters properly remove buffs/debuffs when appropriate
    • Affected abilities include:
      • Moves:
        • Peacock - BB2 Bandwagon
        • Valentine - SM Vial Hazard B
        • Valentine - BB1 Countervenom B
        • Parasoul - BB2 Forbearance
        • Filia - BB1 Drill Tempered
      • Signature Abilities:
        • Eliza - In Denile
        • Valentine - Silent Kill
      • Match Modifiers:
        • Clear
  • Combo Logic Fixes
    • Fixed issue where Combo Bonus modifiers were not always reliably interacting with one another (i.e. Epic Sax vs Brain Freeze)
    • Fixed bug where certain moves (ex: Big Band's Throw) would give credit for extra hits and occasionally cause certain SAs (notably Epic Sax's Circular Breathing) to errantly trigger twice on hit 9 and 10 (instead of just 10)
  • Misc Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug causing the Unflinching modifier to look like it is “stacking"
  • Modifier Improvements
    • Fixed bug where Signature Ability text would display when modifiers weren't actually being applied (ex: Valentine Last Hope's Urgent Care)
    • Fixed issue that would cause the INVINCIBLE modifier and PERFECT BLOCK modifiers to sometimes allow damage to pass through when combined with ARMOR or ARMOR BREAK effects
    • Fixed issue where REGEN would never work if the modifier is applied while a character has HEAL BLOCK
    • Fixed logic error that would allow permanent buffs to be sometimes errantly transferred between characters
  • Neutral Element
    • Along with the integration of Double - Rainbow Blight, we have added a new Neutral Element type that ignores all Element Advantages/Disadvantages
    • This is currently ONLY applicable to Double - Rainbow Blight and all Training Dummy Fighters
  • Collection Screen
    • Fixed awkward Move Multi Sell text errantly being displayed when toggling between Moves and Fighters tab
  • Move Details
    • Fixed issue where gear point totals for equipped gear would become inaccurate when switching between moves
    • Minor fix to ensure Move Icons always properly fit within their frames
    • Changed Special Move cooldown text from “Xs” to “X sec” for greater clarity
  • Node Map
    • Fixed issue where boss “wings” would overlap portraits of enemies when they were teams of 3 or more
    • Fixed issue where Node Map could become unresponsive if you navigate away while the player indicator is moving
  • Relic Opening
    • If you are dragging a Relic, you now no longer hit the back button to back out (which created a number of issues)
  • Daily Login Pop-Up
    • Added text to clarify that the calendar resets on the 1st of every month
  • Modifier HUD Text
    • Tuned the color gradients for the damage text for each modifier to better align with their icon
  • Results Screen
    • Fixed issue that would sometimes cause the REPLAY or QUIT buttons to not appear
  • Story Mode Act Completion Logic
    • When completing the final act in Story Mode (Ascent of a Woman), it now focuses on the next Act with an incomplete difficulty level instead of the Coming Soon card
    • Overall Act Completion transition logic improvements
  • Small XP Gain on Loss
    • Upon losing a fight, players will now get 2% (up from 0%) of the XP they would have received from a win
  • File Size Adjustments
    • GOOD NEWS: The game you download from the App Store is now almost 50% smaller!
    • BAD NEWS: Now there’s more data to download once you load up the actual game. Trade offs!
  • Skipping Intro Movie
    • Fixed issue preventing the intro movie being skippable on iOS 11
  • Energy Refresh Cost
    • For the holidays, we have reduced Energy Refresh cost from 10 Theonite to 5 Theonite per Fighter. Enjoy!
  • Localization
    • Revised Painwheel Rage Appropriate name in Russian
As always, please share your feedback about what changes you like, and what you’d like for us to add next. We’re listening!
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Oooh I wasn't sure if that tweet earlier meant No Man's Land was a new stage or not! That's a great addition! (It also solves the mystery of where Marie got her big ol' gigan skulls in console SG)

Element switching is a neat thing. Really curious to how that shakes out in gameplay! I also love how Double's card designs are so ridiculous.
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Looks like we have to Prepare for Trouble! Hidden Variable has just made it Double!

Elemental switches on the fly seem like a fun idea, meaning you have a chance to take on any fighter in the game with little fear. A powerful ability indeed, especially since she seems to be another glass canon like PW.

Valentine's Orgin story is what I'm REALLY looking forward to: we know so little about Last Hope that even after 5 years I got the names of the doctors mixed up. Hopefully we get a deeper look into Val as a character and her team.

Also...am I reading this right? You can no longer combo after crumples, not even with sweeps? I wonder why that was changed...
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Getting some good meaty stuff here, new Fighter, new Origin story and a completely new Stage that wasn't even in the original game!
Can't wait to learn about the SAs of all the new Doubles~

Some good fixes and changes too and i'm glad we got a (temporary) fix for top teams being nothing but Cerebellas!

Some things i would have liked to seen fixed are missing though.
Peacocks Juggle dropping certain fighters out of her combo (mainly Cerebella) as well as enemies being able to block before you can retaliate and punish, since these two were the main reasons i kept dropping Streaks in PFs.
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What a MONSTROUS update! The wait has paid off in spades! <3 Really looking forward to playing with Xenomorph and Rainbow Blight Double (I doubt I will ever get Immoral fibre), the art is vibrant and amazing! It's obvious how much work has gone into it!
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Perfect. I'm surprised that they have put the only changeable color palette of all Skullgirls, in addition to the original Stage of SGMobile. I thought that Double was going to be broken, in the sense of the movements, because some "recovered" Cerebella and Peacock from the Closed Beta Test.
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I kind of hate the fact that after being shut out of this game for a month and a half from the Android 8 debacle that I'm still playing this game. But the constant updates and improving game modes make it too fun to stop. Looking forward to seeing how fun Double will be to play.
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What a MONSTROUS update! The wait has paid off in spades! <3 Really looking forward to playing with Xenomorph and Rainbow Blight Double (I doubt I will ever get Immoral fibre), the art is vibrant and amazing! It's obvious how much work has gone into it!
I think rainbow blight will be the exclusive since it seems like the one people would most want.
Did anyone else notice a new symbol element for Double's "Rainbow Blight"? I'm already curious. Might have to do with her signature ability.^^
Didn't mind waiting a little longer for this one because the update looks great as always!
The blockbuster with Ms.Fortune now has me super hyped up. Great job, guys!
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I can't wait for this. I wonder if Val's Origin story will bring in Oh Mai as obtainable through relics. Looks like it's time to start hoarding Theonite. HYPE!
So here for Nun of mass destruction and finding out more about the lore! (Also!!! I hope No man's land ain't mobile exclusive, but man... I can't wait to see it in action!)

Though I'm still pleasantly surprised Double has some exclusive moves the other cast can't perform, but we now have back Cere-stinger! (And if I'm right, Filia originally didn't have one of her BB's in the game.)

I wonder if there's going to be more Mobile exclusive moves we haven't seen in the console game!
What a tease, release a BB for Double of a fighter that isn't even in the game yet (looking at you Ms. Fortune :()
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Hopefully this update will also fix the game freezing after fights issue that's made it essentially unplayable for me since update 1.5.0.
I'd love to dive back in with a new character, but not when I have to force quit the app after almost every fight.
What a tease, release a BB for Double of a fighter that isn't even in the game yet (looking at you Ms. Fortune :()
Isn't Fukua in there as well (slide kick), (Edit): wait nevermind I forgot that it was double specific.

Also what move technically cause crumple in the game?
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Double hype!
SUPER glad the neapolitan ice cream Double was selected, that's my favorite.

Will the new stage have new music to go alongside it?
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