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OFFICIAL: 4.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)


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May 17, 2017
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Hey everyone.

Our last update of 2019 is almost here! I'm sure you're dying to know what's in store while you wait for maintenance to finish up, so read on and get INFORMED!



At long last, we're happy to announce that the SOCIAL HUB is arriving in our 4.1 update, along with the oft requested FRIENDS LIST feature! This is our first of many planned Social features that will be coming in our next few updates.

The Social Hub can be accessed from its button on the right side of the MAIN MENU, which has also received a facelift in 4.1! Note that the Social Hub will only unlock to players who have reached level 5, when Chat unlocks.


(this Main Menu redesign is to make sure that we have a home for all of the awesome features coming down the pipe in our future Skullgirls Mobile updates for 2020!)

After tapping the Social Hub button, you'll be able to interact with one of the three main tabs:


From here, you'll be able to see your current friends, view their online status, receive GIFTS from them, and also send them GIFTS! More details on GIFTS further below...

This tab will show any incoming Friend Requests that you haven't responded to. After accepting a Friend Request, that player will be your FRIEND.

This tab will let you search for other players and send them a friend request. You can also view your outgoing Friend Requests here, and cancel any sent ones that haven't been responded to yet. Note that you can also add new friends directly from CHAT.

Sounds good right? But what are the point of FRIENDS if you can't shake 'em down for GIFTS?!



When completing any Story Mode, Daily Event, or Prize Fight match, you'll have a chance to earn a GIFT or a GOLD GIFT. However, these Gifts aren't for you, they are for your Friends! (Keeping a Gift for yourself would be selfish now, wouldn't it?)


There are two types of Gifts: normal Gifts (common) and Gold Gifts (rare).

After a Gift is claimed by a friend, the it can be opened to grant a random reward.

To send a Gift to a Friend, you simply tap the Send Gift button beside your Friend's name in your Friend List.


(Note that if you have a Gold Gift, these must be sent first before you can send a normal Gift!)

This will allow them to claim it from the Claim Gift button (on the right below):


After you've claimed some Gifts, press OPEN GIFTS to open all of the Gifts and Gold Gifts that you've received so far all at once. Enjoy!



Also arriving in 4.1 is a feature we've been itching to do for a while now - MATCH CHALLENGES! After 100% completing all of a Story Mode Chapter's nodes on a given Difficulty, you'll unlock Match Challenges for that Chapter.


Match Challenges will provide three extra challenges that can be completed for EVERY Story Mode node, each awarding you with either Canopy Coins or Theonite for your trouble.

Note that you'll also receive increased XP for completing already complete nodes in 4.1 as well, so replaying these Fights will be worth your while!

The first two match challenges are the same for every node:
  • Win the Fight without getting hit
    • Taking any damage from a THROW counts as getting hit.
    • BLOCKING a hit does NOT count as getting hit.
  • Win the Fight in a short amount of time
The final Match Challenge which awards Theonite is custom tailored for each Chapter in an Act.

Some of these challenges can be pretty tricky and may require clever team and/or move loadouts. We recommend talking strategy with your fellow players if you get stuck!




One of the new items that will be arriving in our 4.1 update is Energy Refills! These small suckers pack a powerful punch - one Energy Refill will fully recharge a Fighter's Prize Fight and Story Energy.

The primary source of Energy Refills is through Gifts and Gold Gifts, but we'll also be sending you some free Energy Reflls in the mail when 4.1 launches so that you can take them for a spin.


To use an Energy Refill, just tap the yellow Energy Refill prompt on the Match Preview screen to instantly use one on that Fighter - no pesky pop-ups needed!

If you don't have any Energy Refills and still want a recharge, you'll still be able to use Theonite to purchase any Energy Refills that you're missing.



In celebration of the Holidays, we've updated our App Icon!


(don't ask how her scarf stays on)


Our "12 Days of Gifting" event from last year returns! Starting on December 14th, we'll be sending free in-game mail with increasingly juicy rewards every day leading up to December 25th. Make sure to login each day, or else you'll miss that days mail permanently!

That also means the SEASON'S BEATINGS Prize Fight will be returning with new and improved rewards, including Energy Refills, XP Boosters, and more...


This event will run from December 23rd through December 31st - plenty of time to earn all those great rewards!

The new ORNAMENTAL RELIC will also feature two new exclusive GOLD Fighters (more details below), and some returning fan favorite Diamonds and Silvers!




As mentioned above, the Holiday Relic will contain two new exclusive holiday themed GOLD Fighters... PEACOCK - MEAN ONE, and DOUBLE - EVERGREEN EVIL!


PEACOCK - MEAN ONE focuses on increased damage as her opponent gains buffs (jealous much?), while also using her opponent's buffs against them.

DOUBLE - EVERGREEN EVIL focuses on outlasting the opponent with reflect damage and healing, while also providing support to her teammates by making their own buffs more potent.

Also arriving in our 4.1 update...



This Eliza palette features Ajna, the protagonist from Indivisible! Indivisible is a hand drawn action RPG platformer (available NOW on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and coming soon to Switch) from Lab Zero, the original creators of Skullgirls. If you haven't played it yet, make sure to check it out!

This Fighter features some of our most unique team mechanics yet. With clever usage, you'll be able to get BUFFS on Fighters that they wouldn't normally have access to...

You can find Eliza - Inner Pieces as an exclusive rare reward from a GOLD GIFT - nowhere else!




  • All Standard Relics have been updated to include:
  • BIG BAND - TREBLE MAKER has been added.
  • VALENTINE - KILL JOY price reduced to 280,000 Canopy Coins.
  • KING OF THE RING Mission updated to require winning 1 Versus Mode Fight to earn 10 Theonite (as opposed to winning 3 Fights for 15 Theonite).
  • We have now added a 4h XP BOOST (in addition to the 12h XP BOOST) for 150 Theonite.
  • All 10+1 Relic Voucher Offers are now $20 instead of $25.
  • Weekly Egret Offers now last Monday-Sunday (instead of Friday-Sunday).
  • Egret Recruit Pack has been adjusted to be a $5 offer instead of a $10 offer.
  • Royal Renoir Pack now includes a Legendary Relic instead of a Gold Fighter Relic!
  • Bronze and Silver Upgrade Offers will no longer trigger on Fighter Acquisition.



  • BEOWULF - SNAKE BITE now gains 25% METER at all Signature Ability levels, instead of 25/35/50%. EVADE stacks on activation reduced from 3/4/5 to 1/2/3.
  • Beowulf's Hype Mode timer will now pause during the cinematic pause from all Blockbusters. When Modifiers stop ticking their timers down, Beowulf's Hype Mode timer will pause too!
  • Fixed Big Band's "musical trail" effect not showing up correctly during his dash.
  • PAINWHEEL - NEUROMANCER no longer builds BB meter for blocked BB hits.
  • Fixed an issue where Cerebella could miss with BB3 - Grab Bag after hitting a target while they were staggered.
  • Fixed a bug where CEREBELLA - CRIMINAL MIND could activate her BLEED SA while on the bench. Now, she must be the point character to apply BLEED to Fighters suffering from DEATH MARK.
  • Fixed an issue where the resurrection health percentage on BB2 - Forbidden Procedure wasn't showing up correctly on the Move description.
  • SQUIGLY - DEAD HEAT - Fixed an issue where SM - Silver Chord wasn't activating her UNBLOCKABLE SA1.
  • Fixed a minor visual bug where Squigly would "twitch" at the start of her Gold and Diamond intro just after SHOWTIME.
  • SQUIGLY - PLOT TWISTED now receives her THORNS before she receives her DEBUFFS. This means that even if she rolls HEX or CURSE on her resurrection, the THORNS will still be applied to her, and must be dealt with accordingly.
  • DOUBLE - DOUBLICIOUS can no longer reflect a DEBUFF back to the attacker at the same time that the DEBUFF was applied - she can only reflect existing DEBUFFS now. No more single hit STUN reflects when using BIG BAND - PRIVATE DICK (for example).
  • Fixed an issue where DOUBLE - DOUBLICIOUS would transfer a STUN with an incorrect duration to the attacker if she was hit while STUNNED. This would let her attacker move early, even though they are still technically STUNNED.
  • Double now correctly updates the Elemental Bonus and Penalty on the Pause Screen depending on her current element from her Character Ability.
  • Fixed several issues that would trigger when DOUBLE - SUNDAE SCHOOL tried to extend the duration of a stack of DEBUFFS on the opponent, or reduce the duration of a stack of DEBUFFS on herself.
  • Fixed an issue where using multiple BB2 - Lonesome Lenny on the same team could result in too many DEBUFFS being applied at once on the opponent.
  • Fixed an issue where BB1 - Sekhmet's Bite (the axe Sekhmet move) was not invincible or unflinching, and Eliza could be interrupted.
  • RESISTANCE no longer can resist Match Modifiers (ex: Hemofilia) as originally intended.
  • INSTANT METER GAIN, featured in the Signature Abilities of BIG BAND - BEAT BOX, ROBO-FORTUNE - PROTOTYPE, ELIZA - STAND OUT, etc, is no longer impacted by the METER GAIN STAT. Meter gain over time (SQUIGLY - DEAD HEAT, CEREBELLA - TOAD WARRIOR, etc) is still impacted by the Meter Gain Stat.
  • Fixed an issue where PERFECT BLOCK (Peacock Gold Prize Fight Modifier) would sometimes reduce the damage of unblockable attacks to 0.
  • The BUBBLE SHIELD modifier in Robo-Fortune's Gold Prize Fight now activates when a Fighter stands up, rather than as soon as they are knocked into the ground. This will prevent it from activating during combos unexpectedly - it will always activate at the end of a combo as the opponent gets up. Alternatively, don't knock the opponent off their feet, and you'll never activate the Match Modifier!
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to complete a fight, restart the app, and have that fight still registered as incomplete. This applied to Story Mode and Daily Events.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fight Assist AI was less aggressive than intended if activated under specific conditions mid combat.
  • Fixed an issue where randomly generated AI opponents could equip competitive Bursts, which could only be used once.
  • The FILIA - DREAD LOCKS in the start of Peacock's Master Origin Story, Chapter 3, has been removed and replaced with a FILIA - WINDSWEPT.
  • Fixed an issue where Touch Input involving swipes could become less responsive when playing at a resolution lower than full.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down the Character Ability button for Squigly would sometimes be ignored after a connection hiccup in VERSUS mode.


  • Increased matchmaking search time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. This will create larger windows where two players of similar strength are searching at the same time.
  • Increased the tap region on all Special Moves and Blockbusters. For example, it is now impossible to tap in between two Move icons and get a tap attack.
  • Added iPad 11 Pro resolution support throughout the game - letterboxing be gone!
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to be taken to the wrong Fighter screen when pressing "GO NOW" after a second one of their Fighters reaches level 30 in a play session.
  • You can tap on the opponents Profile placard on the Rift Battles lobby screen to open their profile again.
  • Fixed an issue where an opponent's Rift Ranking wasn't displayed on their profile when navigating to it from chat.
  • Fixed an issue where slow network connections could cause "Leaderboard_Defense_History_NoFights" to show up on the defense history screen in Prize Fights.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with an offer pop up at the end of a Fight could lead to a soft lock.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghostly apparition known as "McG" would sometimes show up in the opponent's profile slot in a VERSUS match if you were experiencing a bad connection.
  • Pressing the Android device "back button" on various loading screens should no longer soft lock the game.
  • The Story Mode act cards no longer display random days of the week above them.
  • Fixed an issue where the CHAT button would temporarily vanish after powering up a Fighter until the player leaves that screen.
  • The 10th reward item on a Gold Prize Fight will now be centered on the screen correctly.
  • Fighter Score placards in VERSUS gameplay have been removed.
  • The generic "skull in a heart" loading screen animation has been improved and touched up.
  • Tons of minor and major translation improvements and fixes.
  • The VERSUS rules now explicitly mention what "TOO SOON!" means in the context of a VERSUS match.
  • Fixed a mistake where ELIZA - MUMMY DEAREST listed her health lost as current health instead of max health.
  • Clarified that ROBO-FORTUNE - BLUE BOMBER and ELIZA - LAPIS LUXURY require activation of a TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTER, not a Blockbuster that has been upgraded to level 3 using Canopy Coins.
  • Your device will no longer fall asleep and turn off the screen while in the middle of a Fight, or a VERSUS match search. This is most helpful for using Fight Assist to complete Daily Events. Thanks for the suggestion, Krazete!
    • NOTE: This adds another permission for Android users.
  • Reduced the odds of getting corrupted art when fighting in VERSUS mode if two players perform a tag in at the same time.
  • Due to new Google Play Store app requirements, support for 32 bit devices (x86) has been discontinued. As a result, some very old devices using INTEL PROCESSORS may become incompatible with Skullgirls Mobile after this update. Although this may only impact a very small % of users, we're terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

That should do it for the rest of the year, but we have so much more in store for Skullgirls in 2020! Stay tuned for a post from @MightyZug early January outlining our goals for 2020 including an exciting announcement!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot myself (@Liam) or Sairus (@Sairus) a ping in the comments, and we'll get back to you when we can.
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Happy holidays yall
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Reactions: Liam
No tapping between moves is the greatest holiday gift of all
Thank you for the neat christmas gift! Especially the mini version of 4 Hour Double EXP boost!
New fighters look DOPE. Inner Pieces looks freakin' AMAZING.

Question: is there a maximum number of friends that can be added to the list?
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This is going to be the best Christmas ever!!! I can't WAIT for this to go live!! Thank you for all the magic you devs do every year♡♡♡
Edit: any ETA on when the game will be playable again?
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Only problem from me is it’s gonna be painful going back and doing all the bonus missions across four different difficulties.

Otherwise, this update looks awesome!
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INSTANT METER GAIN, featured in the Signature Abilities of BIG BAND - BEAT BOX, ROBO-FORTUNE - PROTOTYPE, ELIZA - STAND OUT, etc, is no longer impacted by the METER GAIN STAT.

I feel like this is my fault for showcasing prototype so much. It was fun while it lasted :)

it was fine for PvE imo.. and even without meter gain, she can still infinitely loop BBs, so it's not much of a difference, other than giving her less versatility in which BBs she uses.
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Wow! Already in Maintenance Mode too!

Gifts are great incentive for me to get back into Dailies. I'll need a towering stack to reciprocate for my hopefully-infinite friend list. Friend me and I'll friend you. (I'm Saikyo Mantis in game, BTW. I'd change it here, but I don't think it is possible) Speaking of Gold Gifts...

That Inner Pieces Eliza! The third neutral element fighter in the game. It is so amazing, Mariel Cartwright of Lab Zero saw it coming from 2 years ago: https://twitter.com/kinucakes/status/913464304376045568

Seriously though, I need it...
So many small yet impactful adjustments. Love how you guys really pay attention and listen to the player base. Thank you and looking forward to playing 4.1 very soon!
Looks great! I'm glad I haven't done most of my dailies yet lol, I'm gonna grind them out for gift boxes once the app is available to play again.

Quick question though, are the drop rates of the gift boxes affected by anything in the match like fighter scores, longshots, or map difficulty level?
I feel like this is my fault for showcasing prototype so much. It was fun while it lasted :)

it was fine for PvE imo.. and even without meter gain, she can still infinitely loop BBs, so it's not much of a difference, other than giving her less versatility in which BBs she uses.

I feel ya. I found two neat things that ended up being nerfed this time. I was really nervous about my Neuromancer when I figured out how strong Death Crawl was on her. Glad to see she got lightly adjusted instead of whomped.

I was also a bit worried about my Criminal Mind, but she also got a quite reasonable adjustment.
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Great work! This all seems very nice and I can't wait to get my hands on that eliza *o*
Happy Holidays :>
Neuromancer is no more...

Now I’m not sure about upgrading NM
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Neuromancer will still be very strong. Just have to use brain now when you get the BBs.
  • INSTANT METER GAIN, featured in the Signature Abilities of BIG BAND - BEAT BOX, ROBO-FORTUNE - PROTOTYPE, ELIZA - STAND OUT, etc, is no longer impacted by the METER GAIN STAT. Meter gain over time (SQUIGLY - DEAD HEAT, CEREBELLA - TOAD WARRIOR, etc) is still impacted by the Meter Gain Stat.
Looking forward to it.

Have a question, is neuromancer's s.a. impacted by meter gain stat?
it was fine for PvE
It was only supposed to address Dead Heat and Toad Warrior style of BB building when the change was originally implemented, hitting instant BB metergain as well was an unintended side effect.

is neuromancer's s.a. impacted by meter gain stat?
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