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OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

Discussion in 'Official News & Announcements' started by Sairus, Jun 30, 2020.

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    UPDATE (08/24/2020) a 4.3.3 update has been released! This was a small update to fix some important bugs and make some updates for upcoming events.

    Annie is NOT included in this update - she'll be joining the cast in version 4.4 in the coming months!

    You can find the update notes for this below, in yellow.

    • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to ignore Character Restrictions in certain fights.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would becoming unresponsive when choosing a Display Name.
    • Fixed an issue where a Fighter sent on a Deployment would get stuck and be unable to be used in any fights after the Deployment ended.

    UPDATE (07/15/2020) a 4.3.2 update has been released! You can find the update notes for this update below, in blue.


    • Fixed an issue where Android users experienced excessive lag.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes lock up and crash at the end of a fight
    • Fixed an issue where you can lose a single fight on a Rift Battle, then complete the map without attempting that fight again.
    • Fixed an issue where exiting the Rift Battle tutorial before it finishes can cause Rift Battles to become unresponsive.
    • Fixed an issue where Incomplete Battle Mail sent after a Rift Season were displaying incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue where players that are below level 30 could not find opponents in Rift Battles.
    • Fixed an issue where Rift Matchmaking was displaying the incorrect Rift Ratings, making some matchups seem very lopsided despite actually being accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to Revenge Battle someone would display the incorrect opponent.
    • Fixed an issue where players would receive Rift Rewards, even if they did not complete the minimum 5 Battles in a season.
    • Fixed an issue where Catalyst Upgrade popups would not appear correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where the Min Battles Completed number would not update correctly until the Lobby was refreshed.


    • Made it clearer that if you complete a later Accolade in a chain before you completed the earlier Accolades, you cannot claim the rewards until those earlier Accolades have been completed.
      • Ex: If you Max Level a Diamond, you will need to complete Max Bronze, Max Silver and Max Gold before you can claim Max Diamond.


    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to earn Deployments Rewards twice under certain network conditions.
    • Fixed an issue where some text was not correctly localized.
    • Fixed an issue where any XP a Fighter gained was displaying before it was actually granted.


    • Fixed an issue where the Fighter Catalog was not accurately displaying players' collections.
      • Please note it may take some time for this fix to roll out for all players.


    • Fixed an issue where Fukua Special Move and Blockbuster prices in the Cabinet of Curiosities were inconsistent.
    • Fixed an issue where the Fukua Prize Fight awarded Filia Special Moves. (An in-game mail with correct prizes will be sent to all players affected by this)
    • Fixed an issue where some Treasure Node Fighters would use the incorrect tier of Special Moves and Blockbusters.
    • Fixed an issue where app notifications were not always appearing.

    UPDATE (07/03/2020) a 4.3.1 hotfix has been released! This hotfix is for Android devices only. You can find the update notes for this update below, in pink.

    • Fixed an issue where exiting out of the Rift Battles tutorial could cause the mode to become unresponsive.
    • Fixed an issue where some players were getting large amounts of slowdown.

    We plan to release another hotfix to fix other known issues on both iOS and Android devices in the near future. Thanks for your patience while we investigate these issues.


    Some said this day would never arrive, but 4.3 is almost here! We know this has been a bit longer than usual between updates, but as you'll see in this lengthy set of update notes, we've been busy loading up 4.3 with a HUGE amount of new features and adjustments. Thanks for your patience!

    Anyway, you've waited long enough. On to the update notes!

    IMPORTANT: Before playing Rift Battles 2.0 you will need to complete a tutorial. There is a known bug that if the game is closed during the Rift 2.0 Tutorial the game may become unresponsive. If this happens, you need to uninstall Skullgirls, then reinstall it and complete the Rift 2.0 Tutorial correctly.



    Rift Battles were always designed to be a pillar feature of Skullgirls for mid and late game players. Since its inception we've made some smaller adjustments here and there based on player feedback, but mostly avoided large sweeping changes. While we're still very proud of Rift Battles 1.0, we heard and agreed with much of your feedback, so with this update we've completed an extensive rework of the entire mode to fundamentally address the frustrations players were having.

    Strap in, because there's a lot of changes here!


    In previous Rift Battles, you needed to be online at the same time as your opponent to fight them. In Rift Battles 2.0, you'll now attack Defense Bases without the other player being there, similar to Prize Fights.

    This has a dramatic effect on the quality of matchmaking in Rift Battles (one of the most requested areas of improvement). Currently, to play a Rift Battle, matchmaking needs to find a player roughly the same strength and Rating as you who is also online for the 10 minute window you're searching. Rift Battles 2.0 will be able to search the entire database for any player with close to the same Rift Rating as you, regardless of if they're online or not. Matchmaking will also be instantaneous - no more waiting around and forgetting you started searching.



    When searching for opponents, you will now be presented with three possible choices. You can tap on any of these players to get some information on their Boss Node, and you can take a peek at their Player Profile.

    You can refresh this list of players for FREE once every 2 hours. You can also spend 25 Theonite to refresh it again if you really don't like your options.

    If you defeat all three of the offered opponents you also get another free refresh.

    Once you've found an opponent you like, you can spend one Rift Ticket to fight them!


    Speaking of Tickets, they've also received a bit of an overhaul.

    In Rift 1.0, every day your total number of Free (Green) Rift Tickets was reset to two. It didn't matter if you used them or not. Every day you'd start with two tickets.

    In Rift Battles 2.0 you can now claim three Free Rift Tickets every day, and you can hold up to 10 Free Rift Tickets at a time. If you can't play Rift on a specific day, you can hoard Free Tickets and play lots of Rifts on a day when you've got more free time.


    Although the aforementioned lack of a timer goes a long way, with Rift Battles 2.0 we went out of our way to try to keep Rift Battle quality and challenge high while also looking to make them a quicker, snappier experience.


    One of the most obvious changes is that Rift 2.0 Bases are much more compact. Bases now only have six nodes on them, with a combined total of twelve fighters. Like before, you'll need to defeat all of these nodes to complete the battle.


    Rift Battles 2.0 will be far more varied than before. There are now several Rift Base layouts, each with a unique set of Modifiers on every node. Every season (weekly), the Rift Map configuration will change. This will give players a huge incentive to update their defense layouts regularly to take advantage of devilish new Modifier combos.

    The Boss Nodes for each map will be elementally themed, but the entire map will change every week.



    To further ensure our bases feel even more varied, you will no longer be able to put duplicates of a Catalyst on the same node.

    This applies to all rarities and Character specific varieties of a Catalyst. For example, you can't equip a Gold Armor Rating and a Silver Robo-Fortune Only Armor Rating on the same node - they're still both Frost Armors.

    NOTE: You will still be able to apply Frost Armors on several nodes of your base. You just can't stack them all on the same node.


    To Win a Rift Battle you need to defeat every node on the enemy Base. While attacking, you will now only be able to use each of your Fighters once. Make sure to plan out your attacks carefully and not use up your best fighters too early in the Battle!

    Once you have defeated the entire Base, the Rift Battle will end and you will be given a score based on how well you fared. To accommodate the new format, some of the Bonus Modifiers have been changed.


    In Rift Battles 2.0, you will only get two chances to win a Rift Battle. If you lose any two fights on a single Rift Defense Base, your Rift Battle will end in defeat. Choose your battles carefully.

    Also note that one of the new Score Bonuses is only awarded if you can complete a Rift Battle without losing any fights. Even a single loss is still dangerous.


    In Rift 1.0, once you enter a Rift Battle, it will continue running for two hours, regardless of if you and your opponent have finished or not. Now that Rift Battles 2.0 are asynchronous, that timer is gone.
    You can take as long as you'd like to finish a Rift Battle, and as soon as a Rift Battle ends (either in Victory or Defeat), the Battle will instantly end.

    You'll immediately be able to see how your Rift Rating has changed, or start up another Rift Battle with a different opponent.

    NOTE: If a Rift Season ends while you have an active Rift Battle, your Battle will automatically end and be counted as a defeat.


    Any time an opponent completes a Rift Battle against your Base, you can use Defense History to get more information on their run. At a glance you can see how much Rift Rating you gained or lost and the Rift Score your opponent reached.

    If you want a more nuanced look, you can tap DETAILS and see exactly how your opponent fared on your base. You can see what team compositions they used on each fight and where they won or lost. Use this information to make improvements to your base!

    Defense History only stores the 10 most recent Battles though, so be sure to check back often.



    If an opponent defeats your base, you will lose some Rift Rating and they will gain some Rift Rating. It's only fair that you get a chance to return the favor.

    In the Defense History page, if a player has defeated your base, you can choose REVENGE. This will let you spend a Rift Ticket to challenge that player's base. If you can successfully defeat the entire map, AND your final score is higher than theirs, you will be declared the winner. You will then gain back all that Rift Rating that you lost.

    However, if you Revenge Battle someone and lose that battle, you will lose even more Rift Rating. Only attempt a Revenge fight if you're confident you can win!

    MightyZug challenges my base. He successfully defeats my entire map.
    He gains 15 Rift Rating and I lose 15 Rift Rating.
    I decide to Revenge Battle MightyZug.

    - If I win, I will gain 15 Rift Rating and he will lose 15 Rift Rating.
    End result - neither of us gained or lost any Rating. My Revenge Battle cancelled out the Rating he gained earlier.

    - If I lose, I will lose another 15 Rift Rating, and he will gain another 15 Rift Rating.
    End Result - I lost 30 Rift Rating and MightyZug gained 30 Rift Rating.

    Some caveats:
    - You can only attempt a Revenge Battle against a player once - win or lose, you cannot Revenge that same fight again.
    - If I defeat a player and they Revenge Battle me, I cannot Revenge Battle that Revenge Battle.


    If you're able to win several Rift Battles in a row, you will be rewarded for your effort.

    As you win fights, your own Fighters will start to gain stat bonuses when you attack enemy bases. This means if you can get a good streak going, it'll give you a big boost to help you overcome some of the more difficult Bases you come across. As an added bonus, Streak Multipliers also increase the amount of Rift Coins you get from each battle.


    Reminder: Streak Multipliers only affect your own fighters when you're attacking. These multipliers have no effect on the stats of defenders on bases - yours or the opponent's.

    If you attack an enemy base and are defeated, your streak will end. Your streak will also end if you don't win any matches for 12 hours or at the end of every Rift Season. Play Rift Battles 2.0 regularly to maintain those streaks!


    At the end of each season, everyone will be granted a Rank based on their Rift Rating. After that, everyone's Rift Rating will reset to 1000. This will result in a much more dynamic Rankings list, and allow all players to compete for those juicy Rift Rewards!

    We actually already used this system in Rift 1.0, where all players above 2000 Rating would have their Ratings reset to 2000. We're now expanding it out to all players.

    To ensure new, low level players don't run into players way outside their league on their first attempts at Rift Battles, any player below level 30 will only be matched with other players below level 30.

    Please note that because of this reset system, your Rift Rating will no longer decay.


    Whew! That is a LOT of information to process.

    Don't worry! We've revamped the tutorial for Rift Battles so when you try to play your first Rift Battle in 4.3 you'll be given a quick walkthrough of all these new features.

    As a final note, we're always working to tweak things to ensure that each mode is the best that it can be. If there's something in this new iteration of Rift Battles that isn't quite working, we'd love to hear your feedback on it. Don't be shy about posting in the Feedback and Suggestions section of the forum with your impressions and opinions on Rift Battles 2.0.




    The Molly icon on the sidebar had previously only been used to keep track of your four Daily Missions. Molly has expanded responsibilities in 4.3. This button will now bring you to Mission Control, the home of Daily Missions and two brand new features: Accolades and Deployments.



    Accolades are special rewards granted to players when they hit certain milestones. They're a great way to give yourself new goals to aim for, keep track of everything you've done in the game, and most importantly, give you a ridiculous amount of free stuff!

    As you can see, they're broken down by category. Just tap on a title to switch to that Accolade category.


    Most Accolades will be part of a chain. You need to complete the first parts of the chain before you can unlock the later ones. You can also tap on any Accolade to bring up more info on the requirements to unlock it.


    As you complete Accolades, a toast will pop in from the side of the screen showing your progress and remind you how close you are to your next batch of freebies. This is similar to how your Daily Missions and Longshot Bonuses appear after a fight.

    They look like this:


    When 4.3 launches, if you have already met the requirements for an Accolade, some (but not all) Accolades will be instantly ready to claim.

    Some Accolades will specify needing certain numbers of Characters, or certain numbers of Fighters. As a reminder, in Skullgirls Mobile Characters and Fighters are distinctly different things:
    • A Character refers to an overall character type:
      • ex: Filia, Beowulf, Eliza, etc.
    • A Fighter refers to a specific card/variant:
      • ex: Bad Hair Day, Parasite Weave, Wulfsbane, Mummy Dearest, etc.
    If an Accolade requires 10 Gold Characters, it will work as follows:
    • If I have 10 Gold Valentines, I will not meet the requirements. These are all the same Character.
    • If I have 1 Gold Beowulf, 1 Gold Valentine, 1 Gold Filia, etc. for 10 different Characters, I will meet the requirements.


    We've gotten a lot of requests from players looking for new avenues to gain XP, or to put their extra, unused Fighters to work somehow. Deployments are designed to help fill that void nicely.

    In a nutshell, Deployments allow you to assign some of your Fighters to go off and do missions around the Canopy Kingdom. These missions can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to complete. Deployed Fighters will earn XP and possibly have a chance to return with some extra prizes!



    When you open the Deployments tab you'll be given a choice of three different missions. They're split into three categories, separated by how long they take to complete, how many Fighters you need to assign to them, and the size of the rewards you'll receive. These mission timers will continue to tick down even if you're not playing.

    Tier 1 Deployments will only take 15 minutes to complete, and you can assign any Fighter you want to them. They will give the smallest XP and Bonus rewards.

    Tier 2 Deployments take six hours to complete and require that you send at least one Silver Fighter. There's a significant bump in the rewards here, with much higher XP, and the chance to grab some Relics!

    Tier 3 Deployments are the biggest commitment and will take 16 hours to complete and require at least one Gold Fighter. Of course the rewards are very high also - a guaranteed Character Relic! Be sure to leave this one going overnight so you can wake up to some sweet, sweet prizes.

    You can have all three Deployments active at the same time, but you can only send Fighters out on 5 Deployments per day (this timer resets at midnight PST), so mix and match the short and long missions for maximum rewards. If you don't like a specific Deployment you can always swap it out with a new one for some Theonite, or you can wait until midnight PST and any inactive Deployment will be automatically refreshed.


    Once you've chosen a deployment you'll get more information:


    First you'll get some details on the mission itself, explaining what your Fighters will be doing while deployed. The Canopy Kingdom is a pretty wild place, so some days you could be giving commencement speeches and other days you'll be breaking up human trafficking rings in No Man's Land. For best results, you'll need to pick Fighters that suit the mission at hand.

    When picking Fighters, be aware that once a Fighter is sent on a Deployment, it cannot be used as an attacker in any mode until it comes back from the Deployment. However, Fighters that are on your Prize Fights or Rift Defense Teams are still okay to be sent on Deployments.

    When picking your Fighters, first you'll need to assign any required rarities. For example, if you're entering a Tier 3 Deployment, you'll need to assign at least one Gold Fighter first.

    Each Deployment also has Bonus Requirements. The more Fighters you send on the Deployment that match the Bonus Requirements, the higher your chances of receiving the bonus. Higher Fighter Scores will also increase the Bonus Reward Chance.

    Bonus Requirements
    Each of the Bonus Requirements are worth 15% each. You can only get these bonuses once per team.


    • Ex: The Bonus Requirements here are Valentine and Light Fighters.
      I get +15% for having a Valentine, and +15% for having a Light Fighter, for a total of 30%.
      It doesn't matter that I have lots of Valentines and Lights. It's still exactly 30%.
    Fighter Score Bonus
    Your Bonus Reward Chance is also boosted by the average of your team's Fighter Score. If you have three fighters with high FS, you'll get a huge Bonus Reward Chance. If you swap out a fighter for one with a low FS, it'll make a big dent in your Bonus Reward Chance.


    Once a Deployment finishes, each of the Fighters on the Deployment will receive XP for their hard work. This is split evenly between the Fighters, so a Tier 3 Deployment that grants 75,000 XP will give each Fighter 25,000 XP. (This is not affected by XP Boosters)

    You may also receive a Bonus Reward, depending on how high your Bonus Reward Chance was.

    Need to use a Deployed Fighter in another mode? Trying to quickly blast through Deployments at the end of the day before Deployments reset? You're in luck!

    If you want to speed up a Deployment you can also spend some Theonite to Accelerate it. The less time left on the Deployment timer, the less Theonite it will cost to Accelerate.


    Having a way for players to spend odd amounts of Theonite has actually been a VERY requested addition for almost two years now. Surprise!



    Ever wondered what Fighters you're missing from your collection or ever wanted to check the Signature Ability for a Fighter that you don't currently own? The Fighter Catalog was designed just for you!

    Inside the Collection screen you'll see a new button that will bring up the Catalog.


    The Catalog is pretty simple: If you've ever owned a Fighter it will be lit up in your Collection, otherwise it will be darkened. It will also show which Fighters you've owned as Shiny versions.

    Simply tap on any of the Fighter icons and it will bring up a preview of their Signature Abilities (similar to the view you get when tapping on Fighters that are announced in Chat).

    Please note that the Catalog will only track your collection going forward from 4.3. If you sacrificed a Fighter before 4.3 and no longer have any copies of that Fighter, it will not show up in your Catalog as having been owned.



    This event will be starting almost immediately after the update goes live. Independence waits for no one!

    There's been a few updates since last year:
    • Updated the reward structure of the FIREWORKS SHOW Prize Fight to be in line with the Cinco de Mayo event.
    • Fixed an issue where the FIREWORKS SHOW Modifier was not giving the correct damage boosts.
    • Updated the contents of the Revolutionary Relic
    • SILVER
      Beowulf - Number 1 --> Fukua - Souls Sister
      Double - Doublicious
      Robo-Fortune - Blue Bomber

      Valentine - Pyro-Technique
      Filia - Dread Locks --> Robo-Fortune - Persona Assistant
      Beowulf - Freedom Fighter

      Cerebella - Star-Spangled
      Ms. Fortune - Furry Fury
      Fukua - Splitting Image




    Fukua's Prize Fight is finally on the horizon!

    Once the 4th of July FIREWORKS SHOW Prize Fight has wrapped up, expect her to pop up in the Prize Fight queue very soon!


    While the Fukua PF is active, her Character Relic will also be available (at a temporarily increased price).



    • Fukua Fighters have been added to all Standard Relics.
    • Fukua's Doppelgänger Relic has been added to the Trinkets tab of the CoC.
    • Cloned Premiere Relics have been removed from the CoC.
    • Fukua Fighters will be added to the CoC in a future update.
    • The Catalyst Relic has been given a big retuning.
    • Price has been reduced from 75 to 50 Theonite
    • In addition to a Catalyst, each Relic will now contain Rift Coins as well.
    • If you're a few Rift Coins away from something you want in the CoC, now you can use Catalyst Relics to get you over the hump!
    • You can see the full Relic Odds here:
    • We've made some changes to these offers to make them more Essence-centric to help evolve your Fighters.
    • Daily Elemental Offers will now grant 500 Essence Shards and 1 Elemental Relic for 750 Theonite
    • Weekly Elemental Offers will now grant 1 Full Essence for 1250 Theonite


    • Standard Gifts and Gold Gifts have had their contents adjusted. The top rewards (Inner Pieces, Relics, etc) remain the same, but the more common rewards are now a little bit smaller. Social Gifts also no longer contain Bronze or Silver Keys.


    • For Gold Character Prize Fights and Elemental Prize Fights you will now need to set at least one Fighter on your Defense Team that matches the event.
      • ex: For Filia's Gold Character PF, you will need at least one Filia on your Defense Team.
      • ex: For the A Shining Example PF (Light Element), you will need one Light Element fighter on your Defense Team.
    • For Elemental Prize Fights you will also now need to set at least one Fighter on your Attack Team that matches the event.
    • This is to make it so entering a Prize Fight feels more themed, and will give players more experience fighting and using all types of Characters.
    • The timer for watching ads in the Viewing Parlor has been adjusted from two hours to five minutes. However, you can now watch a maximum of five ads a day.
      • Feel free to rapid fire watch a bunch of ads all in one session instead of spreading them out across a full day!
    • Fixed several bugs that were preventing rewards from being sent out correctly or preventing players from watching ads at all.
    • Added new SFX when you tap the Viewing Parlor button from the Main Menu.
    • The Prize Pool has been adjusted - instead of getting 3 Rewards, you will get 1 Reward, but the minimum rewards odds have been adjusted accordingly:

    • BEOWULF - Number One
      • OLD - Gain HASTE for 5/7/10 seconds on opponent TAG IN.
      • NEW - Gain HASTE for 10/12/15 seconds when activating HYPE MODE.
      • Note: During the Rift 2.0 Beta, Number One and Hype Man had their base HP and ATK stats swapped. This change was not included in 4.3, so their base stats remain unchanged.

    • BEOWULF - Freedom Fighter
      • OLD - When BLOCKING a BLOCKBUSTER attack, DISABLE opponent BLOCKBUSTERS for 10/12/15 seconds and inflict STUN for 4 seconds.
      • NEW - When BLOCKING a BLOCKBUSTER or SPECIAL MOVE attack, DISABLE opponent BLOCKBUSTERS for 10/12/15 seconds and inflict STUN for 4 seconds.

    • BIG BAND - Epic Sax
      • OLD - Gain 1/2/3% damage bonus per COMBO HIT, up to 50%.
      • NEW - Gain 1/2/3% damage bonus per COMBO HIT, up to 200%.

    • BIG BAND - Robocopy
      • OLD - Defeating an opponent grants 2 stacks of ARMOR and ENRAGE for 5/7/10 seconds. Also gain 25/35/50% BLOCKBUSTER METER.
      • NEW - Once per match when suffering a HIT that would be fatal, gain 1/2/3 stacks of ARMOR and BARRIER. ARMOR lasts for 10 seconds. When defeating an opponent, gain 2 stacks of ENRAGE for 30 seconds and 25/35/50% BLOCKBUSTER METER.

    • BIG BAND - Megasonic
      • OLD - When blocking a HIT, reduce damage taken by 25% and gain ENRAGE for 5 seconds. One ENRAGE stack is removed on the next successful HIT.
      • NEW - When blocking a HIT, reduce damage taken by 25%, and gain ENRAGE and THORNS for 10 seconds. One ENRAGE stack is removed on the next successful HIT.
    • CEREBELLA - Gray Matter
      • OLD - Start every match with 25% BLOCKBUSTER METER. Teammates start every match with 15% SUPER METER.
      • NEW - All teammates start the match with 15/20/25% BLOCKBUSTER METER. Once per match while Cerebella is alive, all teammates gain 25/35/50% BLOCKBUSTER METER when dropping below 25% HEALTH.

    • DOUBLE - Doublicious
      • Her STICKY FINGERS SA no longer activates on blocked hits (but is otherwise unchanged):
        • 10/15/25% chance on HIT to TRANSFER 1 BUFF from the opponent to yourself.
        • 10/15/25% chance when HIT to TRANSFER 1 DEBUFF from yourself to the opponent.
    • ELIZA - Mummy Dearest
      • OLD - Using a SPECIAL MOVE sacrifices 20% of all teammates' MAX HEALTH to gain 25/35/50% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS and HEAVY REGEN for 10 seconds.
      • NEW - Using a SPECIAL MOVE sacrifices 20% of Eliza's MAX HEALTH to gain 25/35/50% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS and HEAVY REGEN for 10 seconds.

    • MS. FORTUNE - Feline Lucky
      • OLD - 2% chance on CRITICAL HIT to gain IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE, FINAL STAND, and UNFLINCHING for 15/20/25 seconds.
      • NEW - 2% chance when either Fighter lands a CRITICAL HIT to gain IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE, FINAL STAND, and UNFLINCHING for 10/12/15 seconds.
    • PAINWHEEL - Blood Drive
      • OLD - 5% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED on self and HEAVY BLEED on opponent for 5/7/10 seconds. Also gain ENRAGE for 4/5/6 seconds for every BLEED effect applied to Painwheel.
      • NEW - 5% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED on self and HEAVY BLEED on opponent for 5/7/10 seconds. When using a BLOCKBUSTER, remove all BLEEDS and gain ENRAGE for 5/7/10 seconds per BLEED removed.

    • ROBO-FORTUNE - M-30W
      • OLD - HEAD DRONES deal 50/75/100% bonus damage while Robo Fortune is far away from the opponent. Gain INVINCIBLE for 3/4/5 seconds when HIT while far away from the opponent.
      • NEW - Deal 50/75/100% bonus damage while Robo Fortune is far away from the opponent. Gain INVINCIBLE for 3/4/5 seconds after 3 seconds while far away from the opponent.

    • ROBO-FORTUNE - Blue Bomber
      • OLD - All BEAM and ENERGY attacks have a 25% chance to inflict ARMOR BREAK for 3/4/5 seconds. Gain 3/4/5 stacks of BARRIER when using a TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTER.
      • NEW - All BEAM and ENERGY attacks have a 25% chance to inflict ARMOR BREAK for 10/12/15 seconds. Recover 25% HEALTH and gain 3/4/5 stacks of BARRIER when using a TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTER.
    • DOUBLE - Chaos
      • OLD - When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, inflict a random DEBUFF for 10/20 seconds when landing a CRITICAL HIT.
      • NEW -When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, inflict a random DEBUFF for 5/15 seconds when landing a CRITICAL HIT.

    • DOUBLE - Volatility
      • OLD - Every 30/20 seconds, gain a random BUFF for 10 seconds.
      • NEW - Every 20/10 seconds, gain a random BUFF for 10 seconds.

    • FILIA - Leech
      • OLD - 5/15% of the DAMAGE Filia inflicts is regained as HEALTH.
      • NEW - 15/35% of the DAMAGE Filia inflicts is regained as HEALTH.

    • PARASOUL - Critical Thinking
      • OLD - Parasoul gains a 5/15% bonus to CRIT RATE per ACTIVE TEAR.
      • NEW - Parasoul gains a 15/25% bonus to CRIT RATE per ACTIVE TEAR.

    • PARASOUL - Critical Mass
      • OLD - Parasoul gains a 20/40% bonus to CRIT DAMAGE per ACTIVE TEAR.
      • NEW - Parasoul gains a 10/20% bonus to CRIT DAMAGE per ACTIVE TEAR.
      • OLD - 10/15/20% chance when HIT to gain ARMOR for 3/13 seconds. When HIT while benefiting from ARMOR, reflect 25% of the incoming damage.
      • NEW - 5/10/15% chance when HIT to gain ARMOR for 2/12 seconds. When HIT while benefiting from ARMOR, reflect 25% of the incoming damage.

    • Fixed an issue where the game would crash during matchmaking.
    • Made several GGPO improvements that should improve Versus connections.
    • Fixed an issue where the Fights Results Screen would be blank.
    • Fixed an issue where the results screen would display incorrect remaining HP totals.
    • Fixed an issue where your current Competitive Versus team would get reset after playing Rift Battles.
    • Fixed an issue where Double couldn't have more than one gun shot active at once when using SM Luger Replica and BB2 Gunblades.
    • Fixed an issue where Immoral Fiber's SA1 would instantly kill Robocopy when under 50% health.
    • Fixed an issue where Eliza could be hit out of Sekhmet's Bite with certain attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where not all of Eliza's win poses were triggering. Time for a fashion show!
    • Inner Pieces has had her palette updated to be consistent with the recent palette updates Skullgirls 2nd Encore (check 'em out if you haven't already!).
    • Fixed an instance where Eliza could perform an infinite combo using Upper Khat on lightweight fighters.
    • Fixed a bug where Headstrong and Understudy would have incorrect stats when evolved to Diamond.
    • Fixed an issue where Filia's L3 (her 3rd Tap Attack) always caused the AI to respond with normal attacks.
    • Fixed a bug where Megasonic appeared to briefly gain ARMOR whenever his SA1 would trigger.
    • Fixed a bug where the Return to Sender Catalyst was triggering more than once.

    • Fixed an issue where Egret Soldiers would not appear or trigger their effects correctly when comboing multiple Parasoul Special Moves that summoned Egrets.
    • For consistency with other Black Egret Talking Heads throughout the game, some Parasoul Fighters have had their palettes updated to remove their red arm bands. Key art from the additional file downloading screens have also had red Egret arm bands removed.
    • Fixed an issue where Purrminator's SA2 was not working correctly on Peacock Master Story mode.
    • Fixed an issue where a Shiny Painwheel would get EXTRA Shiny when entering Flight Risk.
    • Fixed an issue where Fukua's BB3 was not dealing damage in the 'Show Me Your Moves' Prize Fight.
    • Fixed an issue where Fukua's non-command grab BBs were not kicking Eliza out of Sekhmet mode.
    • Fixed an issue where Necrobreaker's SA2 would still work during Shadow Puppet's time freeze.
    • Fixed an issue where Special Moves and Tag-In timers would not stop during Shadow Puppet's time freeze.
    • Fixed an issue where Fukua's Super-KO image was blurry.
    • Fixed an issue where BB1 Drill of my Dreams was not activating correctly.
    • Fixed the text on BB3 Twice Shy and BB2 Inevitable Snuggle so it fits correctly on its window.
    • Fixed an issue where Goodnight Kiss and Best Friends Forever were not functioning correctly versus opponents with UNFLINCHING.
    • Fukua's portrait images have been updated to have the correct shade of eyeshadow.
    • Fixed an issue where MIASMA would cause significant FPS slowdown.
    • Fixed an issue where the BARRIER modifier would not suffer damage while FINAL STAND was applied and the Fighter has 1HP.
    • FATIGUE has been removed from the Heads or Tails modifier on Ms. Fortune's PF.
    • Improved the logic that makes sure you get the correct number of Buff stacks in combat.
    • After defeating the Boss Node on a Daily Event, you will be returned to the Node Map, not to the Daily Event Lobby. This will make it easier to play Filia, Fukua and Ms. Fortune’s Dailies where the Boss Node is not the final node.
    • In 4.3, when you use the 'Get More’ function when buying Relics, it will match your current purchase.
      • Ex: If you buy a 10+1 using Theonite, you can use 'Get More' to purchase another 10+1.
    • The Relic Store icon on the Main Menu will now rotate through all Relics currently available for purchase.
    • The first time a player reaches the maximum number of Gifts they can hold, an informational popup will appear to explain a little about Gifts and how to use them.
    • An 'X' has been added to the Energy Refill pop-up so it can easily be closed.
    • Fixed an issue where fighters would sometimes flicker in combat.
    • Fixed an issue where damage numbers would appear on friendly objects (like Lenny) when hit by your own attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where fighters would die instantly if their HP was too high. (?!!)
    • Fixed an issue where players could use Competitive Fighters outside of Competitive Versus Mode.
    • Fixed an issue where AI opponents in Story Mode could sometimes be equipped with incorrect tiers and types of Special Moves and Blockbusters that were more powerful than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where Prize Fight streaks were not updating correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Shiny Transfer' text was not always appearing in certain situations.
    • Fixed an issue where you could select any tier of Shiny fighter when trying to evolve the same non-shiny fighter.
    • Fixed translation errors and text alignment issues for several languages.
    • Fixed an issue where, after converting a Diamond fighter, that fighter would still be available to use temporarily.
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Download Additional Data' popup would be skipped when installing the app.
    • Fixed several issues where the tutorial would not run correctly, resulting in players being unable to progress.
    • Fixed a visual bug where the Theonite count in the Stash was not updated correctly after purchasing a Rift Ticket.
    • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when switching fighters before a fight.
    • Fixed an issue where 'NEW' badges would not display properly on Prize Fight History pages.
    • Fixed some issues where players would get stuck at the ending screens of fights.
    • Several memory optimizations were implemented that will improve performance, particularly on Android. The game should feel MUCH faster and smoother! Multi-threads, baby!
    • Fixed an issue where the Cabinet of Curiosity was not loading correctly and was displaying placeholder images. (Goodbye shiny question mark fighter icons!)
    • When playing the Tutorial stage after installing the app, the initial download has been cut into smaller chunks to reduce download times.
    • Made numerous foundational improvements to strengthen the networking and security protocols to make all types of purchases (Offers, Skill Trees, Relics, etc) more reliable.
    • Fixed some instances where certain types of logins would get 2.SESSION.6 errors.
    Phew! Is that all?

    As always, thanks so much for your support of Skullgirls Mobile!
    #1 Sairus, Jun 30, 2020
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2020
  2. qlimax

    qlimax Member

    Sep 25, 2018
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    gimme gimme.
  3. RxBx88

    RxBx88 New Member

    Dec 11, 2019
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    Hey guys I've got a great idea for the next update, everyone who saw my idea on chat today thought it was a good one, it's a trading feature, terrible right lol, you could make trading available for bronze only, perhaps even lvl 1 bronze only, so then us lvl 70s could trade some bronzes to new players who need a certain character they don't have yet to complete a certain node in story mode or mission.. hope you like my idea.. I think trading of bronze would not upset the balance
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  4. double_203

    double_203 New Member

    Aug 20, 2019
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  5. AwsomeTheMyth

    AwsomeTheMyth Member

    Jul 4, 2018
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    Best, most amazing, most powerful, most incredible, most beautiful, astonishing update ever!
    You guys really made it! I can't wait to go back and play again after the maintenance is over!
    Thank you, you guys rock!
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  6. Xukuo

    Xukuo New Member

    Jun 28, 2018
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    Finalmente!,ya me estaba aburriendo del juego,pero ahora se nota que tendra mas cosas para realizar.;)
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  7. SquidBoi

    SquidBoi New Member

    Apr 13, 2019
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    currently pogging
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  8. Tom Kulczewski

    Tom Kulczewski Active Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Also omg that Epic Sax buff is fucking massive
  9. Lililira

    Lililira Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Here we gooooo!
  10. Undeadbunny

    Undeadbunny New Member

    Feb 17, 2020
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    Not meaning to be rude but, posting this in "Feedback and Suggestions" might be a better idea. It could get more recognition that way.
  11. Whispy

    Whispy Active Member

    Aug 13, 2019
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    Normally like everyone else, I’d be hyped for all these new changes, but I have two thoughts.

    For one, I feel like Feline Lucky’s reduction from 25 to 15 seconds was a little too big of a nerf. Feline Lucky’s SA is so dependent on a small chance that I feel like it would’ve been fine to either keep it the same or at most reduce it to 10/15/20 seconds instead.

    Secondly, I’m not really a fan of the new Rift Battles. I know this is a seriously unpopular opinion, but I liked the old version. The only big problem it had to me was matchmaking. The old one was intense, provided a unique twist on the usual gameplay, and I liked the head to head nature it made you feel. The new one just seems to be more or less Prize Fights 2.0 instead of being an improvement upon Rift Battles as a whole.

    Besides those nitpicks, I’m very happy with the buffs and accolades will give me something else to do. Keep up the great work.
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  12. Mornedil

    Mornedil Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2019
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    This is upsetting.
    The only way I could keep having fun in this game was by doing my own thing and only using cat-related fighters.
    Now this update is telling me I can't do that anymore. It's just too restrictive, and forces players to play a certain way. RIP everyone who uses a character- or elemental-themed account.
    I'm okay with deployments requesting certain characters and elements for bonus rewards, but something as elementary as gold prize fights now requiring a certain character is giving me the choice to either give up my gimmick or stop doing prize fights altogether.

    Other than this, the update is looking absolutely fantastic. So many new well-planned features that are very much appreciated.
  13. RxBx88

    RxBx88 New Member

    Dec 11, 2019
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    You are right, however I had just finished reading the update notes and I imagine things written here will get noticed faster for a short while now
  14. Undeadbunny

    Undeadbunny New Member

    Feb 17, 2020
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    Hi morn! I have to agree with you here... I think maybe have point bonuses when using corresponding fighters is better than requiring certain fighters to be used.
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  15. Whispy

    Whispy Active Member

    Aug 13, 2019
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    This was something I forgot to bring up, but this also wasn't the best decision. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give certain players a better idea of how to fight certain characters, but this was a bad way of doing it. Also it’s gonna make both the light and the dark PFs even more painful than they already are.
  16. UltimateShowstopper

    Nov 29, 2017
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    Great update! But please, leave Doublicious alone :(
  17. Undeadbunny

    Undeadbunny New Member

    Feb 17, 2020
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    Yeah, it's going to make elemental prize fights more challenging. Honestly, the biggest thing that makes me upset is the dgum nerf. RIP using her against unflinching...
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  18. RGMShaid

    RGMShaid Member

    Sep 9, 2018
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    No Defender Diversity?

    Prepapare to see Nef's base with multiple RAs, same with the guy with multiple BFs. LOL
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  19. rexturtle1120

    rexturtle1120 Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2018
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    Alright awesome! I can’t wait to start playing. This is all so exciting, it would be even more exciting if we got a hint on what the new character was. Regardless, I am wondering why you had to remove the red bands from the Parasoul fighters. Obviously it’s not a big deal, but I do like those small character diversity things (valentines bra fringe, Parasoul glasses, Beowulf’s mask), whatever I guess I’ll live. Thanks again for listening to player feedback, there’s so many company’s who seem like they don’t.

    (P.S Decrypted Old SA2 in 4.4??)
  20. rexturtle1120

    rexturtle1120 Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2018
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    I totally agree with not liking the feline lucky debut. Part of the thrill of feline lucky is that she has such a low nance to become so powerful. She has the potential to be a nightmare defender if she has good stats and just so happens to her her SA activated. I really don’t see why se had to be debuffed since it seems like everyone agrees she’s a niche fighter and isn’t used too often. Though that’s just my understanding, maybe she is being used as a way to pass right battles with ease. While her buff is really appreciated, I feel like it should have been there from the start. I don’t feel that this buff is an adequate balancer for the debuff. Ah well, maybe they’ll increase the trigger odds to 3%.

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