• [2018/06/22]
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OFFICIAL - 5.1.3 Updates Notes

woot woot!!!!!this is gonna be super funs!!!
you should still add a live leaderboard for prize fights and rift battles. It would help encourage people to continue. Especially me, because if I don’t know my ranking I’ll just go for the base reward and ignore the ranking entirely.
hmm so she'll be in spooky relics huh
it's already 19 pm
why is it still under maintenance?
do you hear anything unexpected?
(at least here it is still under maintenance, I just tested it)
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5.1.1 patch, also known as "The Z-Axis Layers Crisis" patch

- defeated bodies block action in the foreground
- Robo-Fortune beams (special and BB) appear behind her
- Filia's Drill Tempered BB now has hair cone behind leg stub
- no glowing eye for Valentine's Dead on Arrival BB
- Eliza shields and Beowulf chair behind fighters when blocking
- while loading, Deployments menu has the three cards stacked with conspicuous white "?" placeholder block
- maybe some other stuff I'm forgetting

Otherwise, the patch is fantastic. Daily Gifts returning is super nice and the hunt for Death Wish Umbrella is fun.
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Hey everyone,

We’re still working on Black Dahlia and plan to release her in our next major release, but for now a small but important update is available. Read on for all the juicy details!
As this update involves a lot of server stability upgrades, there will be an extended downtime for about 6 hours starting at 1PM PDT.
Check here to see what time that is for your region.



Since 5.0 we’ve been steadily rolling out improvements to increase server stability. You should already feel the game running better in recent weeks with much fewer downtimes for maintenance. However, we’re not finished, and 5.1.1 includes some MAJOR backend updates. Servers should be smoother than ever, and we’ll continue monitoring and upgrading them as time goes on.



You may have noticed our totally intentional and not accidental teaser of Umbrella ??? in your Catalogs in 5.1. This “teaser” included temporary Signature Abilities and art assets, and we’re excited to finally add this fully completed and terrifying new Umbrella variant to the Halloween event Spooky Relics.

This Diamond Fighter represents an alternate timeline where Umbrella gives in to the Skullgirl blood running through her veins and embraces her darker impulses. Those Skullgirl powers have also unlocked some special features including special visual effects and the ominous presence of the Skull Heart itself!





As part of our 5th Anniversary celebrations we temporarily had free daily gifts available in the Store. Those were great! Now they’re permanent!

You’ll find these free goodies in the Daily Deals section of the Store every day after 5.1.1 releases! <3



We’re making the Theonite Bank Vault Offers considerably juicier. The first time you buy each Theonite Bank Vault Offer in the Store you will now get TRIPLE the normal amount of Theonite!




Umbrella Prize Fight text strings mistakenly had temporary translations. These have now been updated with correct localizations.

Fixed an issue where spending Theoinite to Refresh Prize Fight opponents wasn't working correctly.

Fixed an issue where the Catalog would not accurately show the Fighters you own.


That's all for today! Be sure to let us know on our social media pages if you're able to pull a Death Wish!
Thanks so much as always for all your support!

- Hidden Variable <3
When are we getting the first time theonite purchase bonuses in the store?
Hey everyone,
We're releasing a small update very soon to combat some issues that cropped up in 5.1.1.

UPDATE - 5.1.2 - October 4th 2022
  • Fixed an issue where objects would not be layered correctly in combat. (Bodies of fallen Fighters appear in front of active Fighters, Beowulf's chair appears behind his hands, etc)
  • Fixed an issue where a glowing line would appear on Big Band during some animations.
  • Fixed an issue where some Skill Tree Nodes on Shiny Bronze Fighters would appear locked, even after unlocking them.
  • Updated some Korean and Japanese text strings for Umbrella - Death Wish related Offers.
Also please be aware that the First Time Theonite Purchase Bonuses will not be available until a future update. They were supposed to be in a Coming Soon section of the update notes. Apologies for the confusion!
Hey again everyone,
There's another small update now available for SGM. There's no maintenance for this update, and you can find it on your usual app store. If you're having difficulty finding the update, uninstalling the app, then reinstalling will get you the latest version.

UPDATE - 5.1.3 - October 25th 2022

  • Added the new upcoming Thanksgiving Event Prize Fight: COMBOCOPIA! Keep an eye out in November for its debut!
  • Fixed an issue where viewing the character details of a Versus (PvP) Fighter could cause the app to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where a sudden internet connection loss during Story Mode could cause the app to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where nodes on Skill Trees for Bronze Fighters that have been evolved to Diamond could appear as if they had not been unlocked if the Skill Tree was fully maxed out.
  • Fixed an issue where placeholder images could appear when opening Deployments for the first time.
  • Adjusted some of the language when reporting a player.