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OFFICIAL: Black Dahlia Release Details & Relic Availability


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Apr 24, 2019
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Hey everyone!

Black Dahlia will soon be arriving in Skullgirls Mobile version 5.2!

We'll have teaser trailers and full Update Notes soon, but before that we wanted to give you an early look at some of the details of Black Dahlia’s launch (particularly about how her Relics will function) so you can plan your Theonite hoarding and spending accordingly.

We’ve made some pretty significant changes to how we release brand new Characters that we’re excited to share!



Consistent with previous Character releases, Black Dahlia will not be available in Standard Relics at launch in 5.2. This includes Premiere, Jackpot, Elemental, Silver/Gold/Diamond, and many other Relics.

If you are saving Relics for Black Dahlia, you will not be able to acquire her from those Relics in 5.2. If you still wish to save your current Relics for Black Dahlia Fighters, she will be added to Standard Relics in our next major update (5.3).

So how can you start adding Black Dahlia to your Collection?



Veiled Premiere Relics will be available for 150 Theonite in the Relic Store for the entire duration of the 5.2 Release. They will also be available in the Cabinet of Curiosities.

These Relics behave like standard Premiere Relics, with two notable exceptions:

  • Each Veiled Premiere Relic has 2x odds to pull a Black Dahlia Fighter relative to any other Character.
  • In addition to a random Fighter, you will also receive 10 Loose Cannon Relic Shards.



Loose Cannon Relics are Black Dahlia’s Character Relic, meaning they ONLY contain Black Dahlia Fighters.
Loose Cannon Relics are not available in the Relic Store for Theonite in 5.2, however, if you collect 100 Loose Cannon Relic Shards you can purchase one Loose Cannon Relic!

This is a significant change compared to our previous new Character launches. We wanted to make sure that everyone had plenty of chances to get their hands on some Black Dahlia Fighters, while also maintaining a little exclusivity for her big launch.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new system!



Here’s some other miscellaneous details about Black Dahlia’s availability:

If you purcase a 10+1 Veiled Premiere Relic Voucher, you will get 10 Loose Cannon Relic Shards from EACH Relic, for a total of 110 Loose Cannon Relic Shards. You can purchase one Loose Cannon Relic for 100 Shards, so this effectively guarantees you at least one Black Dahlia from every 10+1.

Loose Cannon Relics WILL be available via a variety of Offers after 5.2 launches.
Loose Cannon Relics WILL be added to all Fighter Variety Pack Offers after 5.2 launches.
As with Umbrella, Black Dahlia’'s Prize Fight WILL NOT be scheduled until our next major update (5.3).
Loose Cannon Relics
(and Black Dahlia Fighters) WILL NOT be available in the Cabinet of Curiosities when 5.2 launches.
Black Dahlia Special Moves, Blockbusters and Skill Points WILL be available in the Cabinet of Curiosities.
Black Dahlia Special Moves and Blockbusters WILL NOT be available in all standard Move Relics until 5.3.
Black Dahlia’s unique Catalyst WILL be available in the Cabinet of Curiosity and Rift Relics.
Black Dahlia’s Daily Events WILL be available every Friday after 5.2 launches. This is a great place to earn Special Moves, Blockbusters and Skill Points!

We’ll have news about Black Dahlia’s upcoming launch in Skullgirls 2nd Encore soon, so please stay tuned for more info.

If you have any other questions, please let us know down below and we'll be happy to provide further clarifications as needed.

Stay tuned for more info on Black Dahlia’s release very soon!

<3 All of us at Hidden Variable
ohhhhhh lessgooo very satisfied heh
With this update, I really want the character shard system added to other character as well. For example if I really want Tres Chic, I can work toward this, for each Valentine I pull, I can have a few character relic to buy a Valentine one.
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Also squatting on over 1k relics for 5.3 lmao. I stopped opening premieres, bronze fighter, and gold move relics the moment she was announced lmao LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO
Yay, she is getting closer. I think the shards are definitely what we needed, at least 1 dahlia character is necessary for gameplay anyways.
With this update, I really want the character shard system added to other character as well. For example if I really want Tres Chic, I can work toward this, for each Valentine I pull, I can have a few character relic to buy a Valentine one.
Agreed. I'm fairly sure this 'character relic shard' system will be expanded to the rest of the roster if the feedback is positive.
It is just a matter of how it will/can be implemented. Players have been requesting more agency when it comes to acquiring specific variants (especially at the gold/diamond rarities). Even the seeded event/special relics, while a shallower pool of character/variants, still leaves it to RNG...which is still frustrating.

I think what would help with that agency is, what if Character Relics came in at least gold/diamond versions and the character relics shard cost scaled with the rarity:

Valentine Character Relic: 100 shards (= 10 Vals pulled)
Gold Valentine Relic: 1000* shards (= 100 Vals pulled)
Diamond Valentine Relic: 5000* shards (= 500 Vals pulled)

*numbers are off the top of my head

We might not have even needed this type of 'pity' system if there was some sort of 'dupe' PROTECTION not just the current 'dupe' conversion. I mean, the Monthly PF Diamond relics only have 5 variants...and if you had 4 of the 5...the salt of a dupe stings just as much as if you had 1 of the 5 and pulled a dupe...just saying.
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well even if she do not have a tank in her hand, a cannon is a cannon. Panzerfaust gang approves 🥳 👍

ah yes, pngs...
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I prefer Jackpot relics (prepare for the invasion of Bronze Dahlias), but this is a good change.
I hear ya...huh, why isn't there Character specific versions of Jackpot relics?
And, after opening sooooo many Peckish Relics and not even getting a bronze Umbrella...I'll gladly take the guaranteed 'pity' bronze Dahlias and then I'll keep taking them to eventually evolve one to Diamond!!!!! (or get lucky and roll a natural Diamond) Either way; it's win-win!
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ahahahahah, Retakes will be added in 5.2. when quite a lot of time has passed and the developers finally decided to listen to your suggestion. Yes, maybe someone before me also suggested this, and they just postponed the development of this function in connection with the work on Dahlia, but still this is the 2nd idea that I wrote about on the forum, and which appeared / will appear in the game. In any case, it can not but rejoice that at least somewhere they listen to the opinion of the players. Thanks)

sorry, I don't know how to hide links(
the previous message referred more to a recent Instagram post than to the information that is still on the forum. As for the fragments for Dali and, I think it will fuel interest in buying more relics to get the desired fighter. But I didn't really understand what would happen to the fragments after the release of 5.3. Will I still be able to save and exchange them, or will all the unspent, for example 20 fragments disappear? In general, I would prefer something like this with no elemental relics or with everyone at all, and so that it could be exchanged for 100 and, for example, 500 for 1 relic only with rare characters. there are more of them now and many still do not have them. so, for example, exclusives from natural relics, fan favorite, number cruncher, necrobreaker, inner piece, death with. I think this is the most relevant method of using fragments. in 3 years I got 4 rare characters. 2 it can be said guaranteed (they gave everyone a wolf and I got a necrobreaker because I was in the top, they couldn't not give it. Inner worlds sooner or later fall from the gift. and of all the natural relics, I snatched only 1 character. about how to get the diamond umbrella of darkness, which was this Halloween, I'd rather keep silent. I hope they will hear me again.
Black Dhalia is the kind of character I'd drop a little $$$ to support. Cool design, and we don't have many projectile-based characters. Here's hoping I get a lucky drop.
Black Dhalia is the kind of character I'd drop a little $$$ to support. Cool design, and we don't have many projectile-based characters. Here's hoping I get a lucky drop.
Curious...what do you classify Robo and Peacock as character/playstyle types?
Nvmnd...I missed the 'many' when I first read it, sorry. 😅
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