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OFFICIAL - Umbrella Combo Contest (Sept 16 - Sept 28)


AKA Cellsai
Hidden Variable Dev
Apr 24, 2019
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Now that Umbrella’s been available in Skullgirls Mobile for a few months it’s clear that players are starting to unearth her true crazy combo potential! We want to see just how crazy it can get.

That can only mean one thing: it's time for a combo contest!

  • The point of this contest is not to see super practical and useful combos - we want to see interesting and creative combos. The wilder and more varied your combo is, the more likely we'll choose it! Even if your combo is super long and damaging, if it's something everyone has seen a thousand times before it's not likely to be picked. In past contests even very short combos have been winners!

  • For this combo contest you must use Umbrella in your combos. You can use any number of Umbrellas, but you cannot use any other Character in the combo.

  • You can have other Characters on your team if you are exclusively using them for passive Signature Abilities, but the Fighter cannot directly participate in the combo.

  • The combo counter must stay gold colored - if it goes red it means your opponent could have blocked at some point and is not a true combo.


  • This contest will run from Friday September 16th until 11:59PM PDT Wednesday September 28th.

  • Winners will be announced on Friday September 30th.

  • To submit entries you need to post your combo on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #UmbrellaComboContest (You can post your entry on Youtube and then make a post about it on Instagram or Twitter if you like).

  • You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once. Make sure all of your entries have the #UmbrellaComboContest hashtag.

  • We will be linking to the winners from our Social Media pages, so we cannot accept entries from NSFW Twitter or Instagram accounts.

  • Please try to submit videos with decent video and audio quality. It doesn't need to be perfect, but we'll be sharing these clips on our Youtube account and if submissions are, in our judgement, too low quality to upload, they may be disqualified.

  • There are 5 winners and each will receive:
    • 10+1 Hangry Relic voucher
    • 10+1 Spooky Relic voucher
    • Beowulf - Fan Favorite
    • Robo-Fortune - Number Cruncher

  • We'll contact you after the contest to arrange sending the prizes out.

If you have any questions, leave a reply below! We're excited to see what wild stuff you can cook up!
I was asking about the NSFW thing but I don't have an nsfw account so I'm good on that sorry for asking
I have a question. 🙋
Is it ok to edit the video and have an app trademark?
I'm just going to enhance the video and the audio quality, and that's it.
Like this...
Any updates on how the reviewing process has been coming along? It's been over a month since submissions have ended, which should have been enough time to get through everything by now
Apologies for the long delay - we'll finally be posting winners this week. There were FAR more entries than we expected and it took longer than we were hoping to get through them all!
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