• [2018/06/22]
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Other Operators need to fix the current rift system.


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Apr 24, 2020
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The current rift system is to pick one of the three random opponents, fight and take away the score.

And the opponent who is attacked chooses whether to take revenge or not.

And he gets his score back, or extra, taken away.

And users can exploit this system to abuse.

And some of the top users were abusing last week.

And one user easily received a white nameplate without effort.

It is not known if they actually used this method, but anyone can easily manipulate the score by the method described below.


Attacks your friend, taking away the score.

The person who is attacked does not intentionally take revenge. Then the opponent gets the score without risk.


The attacked person takes revenge. And intentionally fails revenge. Then the opponent easily gets more points.


They continue to attack their competitors with their friends to take away their scores.

Refresh the list and you will continue to find your opponent.

Even if a competitor gets revenge and gets back the score, because many attacks accumulate during the same time, the competitor lacks time to deal with it.


And calculate the competitor's score just a short time before the rift ends.

If a friend's score is insufficient, you can avenge the attack from a friend and deliberately fail, and manipulate the score in a short time.

It is not known whether the above method was actually implemented.

But anyone can manipulate the score by using the above method.

I hope the operators will solve this problem quickly.

I don't want to play unfair games.
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