• [2018/06/22]
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rift battle

  1. Z

    Bug - Normal A Big problem with rift battles

    I was playing rift battles because I need a diamond key I found in store, In the ultimate fight the game didn't load and I lost for no reason, I'm so done about this, I would want a refund for the things I lost for that bug
  2. X

    Fights Rift battles need work

    I get that rift battles are meant to be "rank matched" but imo that is bogus, it should go by total fighter score and players should get to see all of the fighters (and each of the said fighters scores) the opponents are using, not just the "final" fight shown when you view them. the amount of...
  3. Mornedil

    Probably not how we're intended to play Rift Battles

    A big reward from playing rifts are those much useful rift coins. And since the coins we gain from each battle scales with our win streak, longer streaks mean more coins! But, keeping a streak gets harder and harder the higher our rift rating is... So players have developed the strategy of...
  4. bilinos

    Other We should be able to see our position in prize fights and rift battles before it ends

    It would be much better since we can just see our position and rest at ease knowing we will get the prize we want. I don't see a reason to not see our ranking, so why not?
  5. A

    Fights Matchmaking system in Rift Battles

    The system always matches me with teams where the main node has up to 50k when my best team is 20k, this even happens in very low scores causing me to only lose, taking away much of the emotion
  6. A

    Fights Doom in Rift battles

    Often in Rift battles my characters are inflicted by Doom when do a critical hit. In the ingame info of Buffs and Debuffs there are not information about that Doom. I don't know what catalyst is used, but all of my characters suffers that condition in the fight, even when the opponent character...
  7. J

    Other Operators need to fix the current rift system.

    The current rift system is to pick one of the three random opponents, fight and take away the score. And the opponent who is attacked chooses whether to take revenge or not. And he gets his score back, or extra, taken away. And users can exploit this system to abuse. And some of the top...
  8. J

    Other Rift Matching is manipulating the game with abusing users.

    First of all, we are the users who finished with D1 this week. But allegations have been raised that the crack manipulated the white name tag as it pushed scores among top users. In addition, for their own purposes, they planned to check and interfere with other competitors. I've been playing...
  9. K

    Other Rift Battle Changes

    The current rift version has been amazing, it's really intense and fun to play, however the previous season has shown me that there are some flaws. One of these flaws is that your end of rift score is based on your time zone. I live in the UK so rift ends at 8am in the morning, for 8 whole hours...
  10. K

    Bug - Normal Rift Battle Bug - Game auto defeats at end of battle

    Rift battles causing loss on the top node, this is the second time this has happened, I win he match and for some reason the game takes a minute to load and it shows that I lost, I have had this problem now twice, I'm surprised no one else on this forum has spoken about it, but it's pretty...
  11. Mornedil

    Other Suggestions for Rift 2.0 improvement

    Rift 2.0 has overall been an improvement over old rifts, with the smaller bases, modifiers changing weekly, and the asynchronous matchmaking system. With all of these changes (and more good stuff), Rift 2.0 appeals to a much larger player base. However, there are some big issues that make Rift...
  12. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Win rift fights but count like lose

    I win this fight but the loading screen keeps for a while and count as lost
  13. NiPlUs

    Bug - Normal Bug in rift battles

    Found a bug in rift battles. When I was trained in how to create a base, I decided to go out after the dialogue and create a base later. Now when I go into rift battles, they offer me to create a base, but the "my base" button is not pressed and only the "back" and "claim" buttons work.
  14. D

    Bug - Normal 2 bugs

    (Sorry for the mistakes, i'm russian) I have 2 bugs, first - my rift battles don't work. Second - i buy the relic, but i did not get it
  15. Y

    Resolved I can’t play rift battles

    Hi everyone I have a problem with rift battles. My mobile turned off when I was assigning my characters to complete the nodes of defences in my rift. The problem now is that I can’t play rift battles nor to complete the differences and I’m stuck somehow in-between. What should I do to solve this...
  16. Art3mes

    Diamond Wall in (you know where)

    Here's the opponent: Here's my defense: Here's the opponent's defense: Here's the result: So, any suggestions, how I could had completed the node? My variants(just the top ones): Dream catcher (16k) Harlequin. <All are in 9-10k range> Epic sax Inner pieces Blood drive Terror...
  17. Art3mes

    Rift matchmaking

    So, today I got matched with a lvl 67 Japanese player. I, being only at lvl 60, thought let's see what he/she got? He/she got stuffs that I didn't have. Then even I tried my luck and pushed to the boss node, with zero defence wins.<( ̄︶ ̄)> I was proud. There at the boss node stood tall, A 22k...
  18. Art3mes

    Scratching post rift catalyst

    It says:Ms. Fortune inflicts SLOW and DEATH MARK for 2/12 seconds when her attacks are blocked. When reaching 5 stacks of SLOW the opponent becomes STUNNED for 3 seconds. Just the match starts, fortune attacks and only her hand-drill hits more than five times! So, your player get stunned just...
  19. Tsukiakari

    How to deal with Electrostatic Shield in Rift

    As the title say, I still sometime struggle to deal with Electrostatic Shield in Rift, which seem to be the meta right now with how the AI work. I sometime use Silent Kill but more often than not, she is dead because of Inverse Polarity and Power Surge. I can somehow circle them out with Sketchy...
  20. SheriffNick

    Starting Rifts

    I haven't really been able to find or maybe know what to search exactly. I am just starting rifts finally as my roster has started to flesh itself out. I dont really have much for catalysts and every single Rift I have faced is loaded with golds on every node making my base in comparison a...