• [2018/06/22]
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rift battle

  1. A

    Other Rift Battle Failed to Match

    This is probably something the team is aware of and thinking about, but I'm struggling with extremely high rates of failing to find rift battles. I've searched for rift battles 6 times today and failed every time, which is making it harder and harder to find time to get in my 5 a week when every...
  2. Gamma Ray

    Double Trouble - Beginner Tricks and Tips for Double

    I hope everyone has been enjoying the game as of late. One of the things I have failed to do in quite some time is provide readable content for players to utilize. In this case, I wish to help players by focusing on some beginning notes for my favorite character in the game, Double. Here we...
  3. Brother Null

    Getting to Diamond: Moving Pictures

    Hey, look who's back!? That's right. Why was I gone? Well, I fell out of Diamond. Matchup mechanics changed, and much of my velocity was based on my team strength. I could not stay aloft, and so I fell to Gold 2. Can't really write a column about getting to Diamond if I can't get there myself...
  4. jamar

    Other Rift Score(And Matchmaking I Guess)

    The 3.2 matchmaking changes are here, and at level 61 Silver 2, they've been fairly positive for me. Not perfect, but I can almost always clear my opponent's map. You know, unless they have Futile Resistance and Darknut on the armor node. However, while matchmaking now includes collection...
  5. Brother Null

    Getting to Diamond: The Grind

    Its time for a special edition of GtD. The Grind: or, how I go through my Rift week. This is just a look at how I prepare for and work through a Rift battle from beginning to end. If I have time, I will give you a play-by-play review of the entire battle. I fought twice on Monday, and I present...
  6. StrongestAntiMETA

    Fights I love Rift Matchmaking Balance

    I love the balance of Rift Match pairing now. Win or Lose, but to fight with opponent who have near or close collection makes me try hard and do my best in performing the Rift. Satisfaction bonus if I win at the end. The only issue I have is if you have higher rating and you're paired with...
  7. educavalcantee

    Resolved Free ticket spent without entering the rift

    I was starting my second queue for the rift today. The search didn't find oponents at the time, but my free ticket was spent. :(
  8. Brother Null

    Getting to Diamond: Six of One...

    Let's continue with our focus on Defense. We have two main defensive strategies to delve into, and before we break them down there is one important caveat that must be made clear: Health or Time. Pick *one* per node. Let me illustrate this point with my own Rift map. The first duo node to the...
  9. Brother Null

    Getting to Diamond: Power Level

    So, here we are. Take a quick look at your Rift score. Take a look at your level. Now, forget them. They don't matter. One of the first mistakes we make as players is to put too much emphasis on numbers. Your level is simply a pedometer counting the steps of your journey from when you first...
  10. Nebel_the_Fox

    Bug - Normal Lost connection to server (Rift Battle)

    I couldn't finish one of a battle because i lost connection to server. I was waiting 10-15 minutes. I was forced to reboot game so I lost this battle. Can i count on some compensation or cancellation one of battle?
  11. NinjaPenguin76

    Bug - Normal Enemies tagging in with missing health- Rift Battles

    This isn't the first time I've noticed it but I guess I'd forgotten- but just now I was doing a rift battle and on the Top-"Miniboss" node I started with Rusty Painwheel vs (in order) Bad Hair Day, Gray Matter, and Stage Fright. Bad hair day tagged out just before death into Stage Fright, and...
  12. Luke

    guide on team scequence [prize fight and rift battle]

    I have had a lot of difficulties telling who is the first defense fighter when building my own defense teams. I have also seen a great number of trams in PF putting surgeon general valentine first witch is clear not as intended. so here is all the sequence in game. pf sequence according to this...
  13. K

    Bug - Normal A team dont changed in rift battle after new enemy

    I started a new rift battle but one of my enemy's team in the choose team menu dont changed, stayed the same team as my opponent's before