• [2018/06/22]
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Original Skullgirls Song #8


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Jul 6, 2021
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The soul resides in the flesh
Inside the blood
Where every power emanates
Sacrifices must be made
To appease the hungry spirits
WIth enough Vitae
Everything can be achieved
You can trick Time itself
Living to consume others
Accepting your predatory nature
The world is divided between hunters and prey
It´s so fulfilling
Go out every night
And choose from the endless cattle
The meal starts before the bite
The consumption of souls begins in the mind
Fake laughter
Everything to make them lower their defenses
Gaining their trust
To drink from the source
It´s so easy that it feels boring at times
I like when they fight back
When they don´t give in easily
When they realize who they are dealing with
It´s so much better to chase the food
Hear their heavy breathing
Their veins clogged with cortisol
Their legs losing the strength
The final blow
The desperate glare in their eyes
Useless pleads of mercy
The fear
Is almost as delicious as the blood itself
I must go, dear reader
All this chat made me very thirsty

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