• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Permanent Bleed icon disappearing


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Jul 11, 2017
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New England
iPhone 6s
iOS 10.3.3
Game version 1.4.1

During the Medici Shakedown event where the modifier is Hemofilia, I've seen a bug occur multiple times where the icon for Permanent Bleed disappears from an enemy tagging in, or when an enemy applies Regen to themselves, or when I apply a non-permanent bleed to an enemy. Though the icon disappears, the bleed effect still drains the enemy's health. The bug is just the disappearance of the icon.
Also it doesn't disappear if a fighter resist the permanent bleed. The icon just stays there but there is no HP drain.
No perma bleed icon, but enemy still bleeding out (as you described above)

my Parasite Weave resisted the perma bleed at match start, but the icon is still there
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On Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge
Android 7.0

Having the same issue as OP, but in my case it was not just visual, the effect of perma-bleed ceased as well.

Receiving bleed effect from opponent will turn perma-bleed into regular bleed which disappears after some seconds.
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Android 6.0.1
Galaxy A8

I also get this bug and have done a little testing.
If an enemy tags in and they trigger their Bleed Immune, the Bleed Icon will disappear AND they take no Bleed Damage.
If I apply Bleed to an enemy (in my case using Parasite Weave) their Bleed Icon will be replaced by a Bleed icon with a timer. When the timer finishes, the Bleed icon is removed, however they continue to take Bleed damage.
Seems to be behaving properly on our internal development version, but we'll keep an eye out (have to double check the resist behavior). Thanks for the post!