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Characters Please nerf bio exorcist squiggly

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by xcapibara, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. cappatacus

    cappatacus Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2018
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    It's pretty easy to get good fighters. You can, with a little bit of patience, get 12/13 million in a gold prize fight even with mediocre fighters - I think I was around level 30 when I could do this easily - and then you'll have a whole arsenal of strong fighters. I earned my Primed from this, and even before making her a diamond, she was incredibly strong and was an easy counter to Bio. She deals a lot of damage with her Napalm Shot alone, which, as I previously mentioned, can interrupt her charging. Peacock also has movesets like this. Really, it is a matter of changing tactics. If you really hate Parasoul or Peacock for some reason, then characters like Double, Ms Fortune, or Squigly have the chance to inflict hex/death mark. Red Velvet Eliza can inflict Hex reliably, if you have her. Wulfsbane has Heal Block, and again, you can earn him from a prize fight. In Rift Boss specifically, there's plenty of fighters such as Harlequin, Primed, Sheltered, Toad Warrior, Ultraviolent, etc. that deal enough raw damage to deal with her.

    I agree that Bio can be annoying, but any good defense team should be.
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  2. xcapibara

    xcapibara Active Member

    Aug 8, 2018
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    Except Filia’s perma bleeds have to be applied, use the proper movesets (because of low percentages), you actually have to hit the opponent, fight and play: Bio can win just by charging the dragon and doing nothing but be close to the opponent. Perhaps some of the newer natural diamonds are just as op (or not, i dont know) but no other gold can apply what is basically heavy bleed and heavy regen at the same time just by being close to the opponent. She’s easy mode. The only card at SS in both defense and offense.

    Yeah i wrote that because i think i was matched against him in a recent rift battle and he wrote that my strongest diamond was a peashooter peacock (which is my avatar in the game).

    Besides, i suspect that the vast majority who’d disagree are either bio owners or bio “hopefuls”.

    All good, reasonable points, yes, but my diamonds don’t yet have the damage required to overcome the 200% health plus bio’s opness plus sg support plus sacrosanct modifier making it a guaranteed loss against a player supposedly in my same ranking. Since i can find ways to deal with other teams on that boss node (or at least make a dent) i must ssume it is bio.

    Ok, the character itself is op, as i wrote above and as every tier list shows, so even if shes not that broken outside that boss node, she would still deserve at least a slight nerf tweak.

    You’re right though that she only crosses that threshold into op exploit on the boss node but if i suggest that the boss node should be nerfed then “everyone loses their mind” (j/k), people start saying that the boss node is fine as is and “get stronger” and the like (see my response above), so bio it is.

    Nah, on the boss node of rift battles, having more than twice the fs of your max fighter, with the sacrosanct mod and with sg support shes not “annoying”, shes broken.

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