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Post your natural diamond fighters progress


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Jan 2, 2019
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How far are you from completing your natural diamond fighter skill tree? Is someone out there who is really really close to get the marquee? Already got it? Show us! :D
IMG_1692.jpg For this one, I'm probably going to hold off awhile before going for the final tiers of skill unlocks. It's so costly and she's still got many levels to go before 60. Honestly though, I'm not too concerned about unlocking her MA.

For this one, I'm gonna start putting a little focus into her once I get my Canopy Coins up some more. I think I'll probably go for her MA before Furry Fury's, because I can see more benefit to hers right off the bat. I'm leaning towards The First Cut, but Leech could also benefit with the unblockable potential...
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Unfortunately I'm not made of canopy coins, so she's on hold upgrade wise. ICU would be nice, but all in all she's not a terribly good offensive character, and I have a long backlog of characters I want to upgrade, and the second natural diamond is due the next gold fighter (so in 2 days). If I get a decent nat diamond from the next pull, AG will be forever on hold.
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Remember my Class Cutter that I just got last week?
This is her now.

Not too much... But she still leveling up quickly (still low level) but I can call Diamond's FS are worth it.
I won't show her Skill Tree because I don't upgrade her too much since I only have 2 keys (and I got them from Season's Beatings' PF) and don't have much coins (Never be like me, always shopping until I run out of coins) but I focused on SA and available nodes that no need keys.

If I annoys you, just tell me.
Well, that’s my diamonds.
Disappointed in Summer Salt a little, but Greedy Valentine is a really badass.


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He's almost full, but I just have too many characters I want to work on to invest over a million canopy coins into making him slightly tougher. He's... okay. Nothing too exceptional when I fight against him, and only so-so on offense, but I guess he's helping make my Boss node in Rift Mode tougher?


She's a work in progress, and I definitely want to get her MA. I fought against one Assssin's Greed with it, and it made everything so much worse, because you also can't use characters like Bloodbath against her then. I'm a little sad I've been in diamond 3 more often than not recently, because I want those extra keys. Not that I could afford to fill her out anyway if I had the keys. I don't know, I just enjoy her a lot more than Heavy Metal.

I also got a Furry Fury last week, but I have nothing invested in her. I haven't decided if I will yet, since I have no skill with headless mode yet, and that seems like it'll be pretty vital with her.
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@TasiaChaan Relax, we are here to have fun :D. Come back here later to tell us how your Filia is going!

@lothorie, @fanghoul AG Val looks like really fun to play, hope to get one soon :) . About your HM, what do you think about him in the armor node?

@Mech3k Wow, that's amazing! Do you know more or less how many coins you invested? $_$
Ok! I just feel noob.

Eh, we're pretty mellow about people being new here. This forum is a place for learning and sharing after all!

About your HM, what do you think about him in the armor node?

You can put him on the Armor node, and he gets some benefit there: He'll be more likely to max armor, and if he does get a chance to retaliate, he's slightly more likely to be able to pull out a +100% damage blockbuster.

But as someone else pointed out, that's a really popular node for people to use bleeds to win. Both massive burst damage, curse, armor break, Ultra Violent all also work and all these work against both the node's effect and his SA at the same time.

This is why a lot of people put Bloodbath and ICU Valentines on that node, because then you need a way to bypass both the armor stacks and the bleed immunity.

That's also why I put him on the boss node, so that he's practically immune to armor break and bleed, and people have fewer options to beat him.

He might also be good on the other mini-boss node, with the block = stun modifier, since that node makes it dramatically more risky projectile users like Ultra Violent and Parasoul (who's one of the better burst damage characters)
I haven't gotten very far with my heavy metal after, what, a month? Two months? I think I've been frustrated with him because I've only really used him in frustrating dailies at 6k. Other than that he's been a carry. Plus, I've been distracted with a few silvers I'm leveling. Oops.