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Practical Ms Fortune combo


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Jun 16, 2017
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Ms fortune is a very difficult character to properly use her full potential and even I am not good with her as well. I wasn't planning on making combo guide for ms fortune but after watching the ms combo guide from Korean Skullgirls Mobile community, I have decided to translate and polish that guide to introduce these combos to everyone here. These combos that I present to you guys are not much but they are practical, which means once you learn this combo, you can use it on actual fight, and most of them uses head a bit. These combos aren't easy as some squigly combo so be prepared and practice thoroughly before trying it out on real battle.

*Thanks 샤베루 and OozyGamer for the inspiration.

1. Appetizer Combo

Dash attack->G5->launcher->Dash attack->Fiber Upper->El gato->(if desired)Cat Scratch Fever

Before get into the hard part, lets get to the easy one. This one can be used on anywhere, both near wall and away from wall. Because nearly all of the components are non-blockbuster moves, you will be using this combo at the very start of the match or when using blockbuster is not possible or not beneficial. This combo was originally made by 샤베루 and was posted on Korean Skullgirls Mobile community site.

2. Main Course Combo

Dash attack->G5->launcher->Dash attack->Cat Strike->(if desired)Cat Paw->Cat Scratch Fever->Zoom!->Fiber Upper->El gato or Feral Edge

Now this one is the tricky one and the tricky part is after Cat Scratch Fever. That segment took me a good sweet time to get it mastered. So what must you have in your mind is "press Zoom!(head dash thing) first and then press fiber upper". It sounds easy but when you actually try it out, it can be confusing.

As you can see, the difference between the two video above is the use of Cat paw(and use of feral edge or el gato but that is not the point). The reason why the one that uses Cat paw is labeled Claw & Order combo is that it applies bleed which its duration can be extended by Claw & Order's SA1. This is very crucial point for playing Claw & Order because it allows her to deal with beefy tanks using the bleed. This combo is powerful enough to even kill a sparring partner if you combine that with the appetizer combo above if you have maxed out Diamond Claw & Order. This combo is also originally made by 샤베루.

3. Desert Combo

Dash attack-> G5->Launcher->Air combo->Cat Spike->Zoom!->Slide Attack->Feline Allergies

This one is possible to be used in real battle but it is so difficult to pull of that even I could not replicate this after that one lucky try you see above until today. The key point is to press zoom! button first before doing slide attack and not pressing the cat strike/cat spike button too long(this can make your head to comeback and thus ruining the combo). I personally recommend using this combo for getting used to Ms Fortune. This may be a bit familiar to some people because it is actually based on the contest winning combo by OozyGamer.

Thanks for watching this guides and hope this collection of combos are helpful in learning how to play Ms Fortune.