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Question on Rift Catalyst Slomo and reserve meter gain


Nov 1, 2018
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Hi all,

You gain meter in three ways:
1) Hit the enemy. This will give you a small bit of meter for every hit you deal. If the enemy blocks, you gain less.
2) Get hit by the enemy. This will give you a lot more meter. If you block, you gain less.
3) While a fighter is not on the field, it gains a percentage of the meter the active fighter is gaining.

As mentioned, you are probably hitting the enemy a lot before they tag out, so the second character comes in with a lot of meter.

Have a question about meter gain. I think Cellsai mentioned previously that reserve fighters gain some fraction of meter gained of the active fighter. Regarding this previous post, I have two questions here:

1) if the active fighter is affected by rift catalyst super slomo, does that also slow meter gain for reserve fighters? similarly if active fighter is under meter lock, do reserve fighters still gain meter? basically, does the meter gain for reserve fighters count the metergain before or after accounting for metergain debuffs?

2) just to double-check again that it is true that rift catalysts act independently and "stack". for instance, two super slomo (apply slow every 5s) will both work and give the active fighter a total of 2 stacks of slow every 5s. another question to check: two frost armors will each give a 20%chance for armor and each will reflect 25% damage for total of 50% damage, 3 frost armors will have 3 instances of 20% chance for armor and 3x instances of reflect 25% damage?
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Jan 20, 2019
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Good questions! Imagine being able to play against your own nodes to test things out in 2020!
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