• [2018/06/22]
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Other Quitting the match via "back" button is too prone to mistakes


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Jun 19, 2018
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As in the title, currently if you press the "back" button of your phone(the cancel button) once, it pops the menu, and more presses brings out the "Quit match" menu and one more back would resulted in quitting the match.

Normally, as in many other apps, a back button acts as a "cancel" command and cancel out the command. As in this case, the back button acts as a "confirm" command.

The problem is, as BB buttons are on the left corner of the game, to insert a BB as a combo finisher, you would have to press the left corner buttons, which are right beside the cancel button. As a result, mashing BB buttons may cause the "back" to be mashed, and three clicks is all it takes for a match to be forfeit and return to menu, effectively destroying win streaks and trashing the used energy.

My suggestion on this matter is: as the "back" button is intuitively used for cancelling phone commands and chatboxes, do the same- cancel the "Is This The End" chatbox and return to the pause menu, instead of quitting the match. The mechanism of clicking three "back"s to quit the match like now doesn't seem necessary, as there doesn't seem to be many cases that you have to quit to menu that hastily.
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