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READ ME FIRST: Forum Rules 1.0.1

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May 5, 2017
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READ ME FIRST: Skullgirls Mobile (SGM) is a game intended for everyone to play. The following rules should go without saying, but read them carefully. We’re cultivating a community of positive, constructive dialogue. Fun, not drama.

Common Sense (Global Rules)
  • Let’s get the serious stuff out of the way. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for the following:
    • Anything that’s illegal under U.S. law
    • Defamation or personal attacks
    • Threats of bodily harm
    • Sexual harassment (of any gender)
    • Attacks on gender, race, religion, or any other self-identification
    • Badgering or trolling
    • Offensive media (avatars included) including but not limited to:
      • Nudity, pornography, innuendo
      • Extreme gore (excessive blood, showing innards of a body, mutilation, etc.)
      • Political discourse
    • Sharing of personal information
      • This includes any personal information from names, email addresses, and Facebook pages
  • Violations will result in consequences ranging from warnings to suspensions to permanent bans. This is not how we want to spend our time, but we will enforce these rules to ensure that the forum remains a safe space for players to come and discuss the game.
    • Reports of these violation between SGM forum users found on sites outside of the Skullgirls Forums will very likely result in the same consequences. So, just be nice, ok?
  • Important Note: We're only able to provide feedback on legitimate versions of Skullgirls Mobile. If you downloaded the game from any location other than the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, it is no longer supported by us. Please download the game the right way. We've worked very hard on it.
    • Do not make threads seeking the location of game builds other than the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Do not post links to game files of any kind.
    • If you see others posting information such as this, please let us know with a DM to a mod.

Hanging Out (Usage Rules)
  • No media in profiles or signatures
    • We know that custom banner you made is really cool but we want to keep these forums clean and uncluttered. Folks will be reading these from their mobile devices - respect their data plans!
    • This rule includes personal profile descriptions, and related fields, but does not include avatars (obviously!)
  • Do NOT abuse the Report Function by reporting things that don't break the rules

Jumping In (Posting Rules)
  • No quoting embedded media, only text
  • No repeat or duplicate topics
    • Use the search bar, it’s likely faster than typing your question out anyways!
  • Make threads in the proper sub-forums
    • If it doesn't belong anywhere, it probably doesn't belong on the forums. If you believe the thread should still be made, please contact a moderator for advice on where it should be placed
  • No double-posting
    • Need to reply to multiple topics? Quote and @ tag the author separately in the same post! You should never need to make several posts immediately after each other
  • No duplicate or shadow accounts
    • You may change your name or make a new one and use that instead, but don't make a bunch of dummy accounts to increase your liked posts, anonymously harass users (we can tell who you are BTW) or things of the like
  • Constructive vs Opinionated Threads
    • Constructive threads identify and summarize issues with a reasoned argument (and ideally a suggestion for improvement!), which begets healthy discussion. An Opinionated thread discourages reasonable discussions by brashly stating irrefutable positions based solely on opinion.
    • Examples:
      • Constructive thread - Painwheel doesn’t feel as useful as other characters because her survivability is so low. It would be great if...
      • Opinionated thread - Painwheel SUCKS. Get Carol out of this game.
  • No trolling
    • Any thread created with the sole intent of trolling, sh*tposting, or antagonizing will be immediately deleted and the user tempbanned or permabanned at the moderator's discretion
    • Definition of Trolling:
      • To intentionally disrupt, deviate, or derail a thread away from the original topic or into a non-topic, or
      • To purposefully upset the users engaging in discussion by posting remarks that are detrimental to the discussion at hand
    • This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Grammar correction (many players don't speak native English)
      • Passive-aggressive or backhanded remarks
      • Blatant mockery
      • Inappropriate or unrelated image macros
      • Insults
      • Empty posts
      • Ad hominem (personal attacks)
  • No whiny/dramatic threads
    • Do not make a public spectacle of your own personal issues. Message the relevant party PRIVATELY or don't bring it up at all
      • Example: Making a "Delete my account" thread
  • No visual noise (overusing text formatting options)
    • This includes text size, italics, bold, color, etc. Using modifiers for emphasis or formatting is fine, but large swaths of text in a unique format for no purpose is not permitted.
      • Example: Posting large walls of text in a bright color, or a large text size.
  • No advertising
    • Advertising is anything that asks for money or services for the purposes of conducting business or initiating a trade between two parties for mutual benefit. Don’t do that
      • Example: Asking/begging people for money for your crowdfund project
    • Do not use the forums to recruit people to unrelated external sites such as asking for followers on social media
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