• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Rewards of the Rift Battles


Mar 21, 2018
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Hi guys. I didn't get the rewards of the last rift battle season. I did the 7 match's but in my inbox I didn't receive any message about the rift battles.


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I’m afraid I’m having the same issue! Completed 7/7 battles this week, achieved Gold 2 rank but alas, no prizes.
I have completed 10/7 of the battles and i have the same issue, still no rewards regadless that im diamond 4.
By the way i have complete already one of the new season of rift battle to see if that give the the reward but doesnt work neither.
I too have no rift battle rewards in my inbox. I completed 7/7 matches last week so I qualified for season rewards.
I have the same issue. I completed 8/7 battles and didn’t get any reward.
Same here, 15 completed and nothing.

Also rift battles are currently pretty much unplayable. Constant connection timeouts that result in increased attempts without actual fights. At least fighters don't get used up.
I also completed 7/7 and haven't received anything. Considering you also get no XP it feels like a real waste of time.
Ah. Glad to see it’s an issue all round the board. I imagine the devs will look into it after Christmas.
Just got rewards mail. Also the final rank took into account the match I played in the new season, but the match itself counts towards the new season advancement. Also tickets refreshed.
Rewards have arrived on my end as well! Thankyou Devs!
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