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Other Rift Decay Suggestion

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Cpt. Weeaboo, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Cpt. Weeaboo

    Cpt. Weeaboo New Member

    Apr 22, 2019
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    I’m someone who usually does all of their rift battles the day of the new season and I was really shocked to see that despite playing all 7 battles because I couldn’t afford to do the whole 12 I still decayed simply because the 72 hour decay kicked in.
    I do understand normal decay for when you really just don’t play the minimum 7 battles and leave rifts alone, but I believe if you’ve done all the minimum 7 battles you shouldn’t be punished for it. I understand that there are ways around it like playing the 7 battles spread out over the season but unfortunately I can not always have time for it in the middle of the week.

    My suggestions are simple and you can do either.
    1. Change the decay rate to 4 days.
    While I do like this idea I understand if it will not be implemented because it lowers the punishment and makes rifts more relaxed when it comes to decay, although if you were to implement this one it would at least prevent decay until after the season ends.
    2. Make it so you can’t decay for the rest of that season if you’ve done your minimum of 7 battles.
    I believe this will be effective because it still decays those who don’t do their 7 rifts at the same rate as before and doesn’t punish the players who decide to get rifts out of the way early, which I believe is fair. However at the start of the season if they were not to play that day they would start their decay immediately, which is also fair since it’s been 3 days.

    Thank you and I hope my suggestion made sense. It was really frustrating to find out after I had secured myself a place in a league for the first time that I had decayed just 10 points below the threshold because I did not play rifts for 3 days to be safe.
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