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Robo fortune concepts

Discussion in 'Robo-Fortune' started by You cant beat D, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. You cant beat D

    Sep 29, 2017
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    Here's a basic idea of how I'd imagine R.Fortune working in Sg Mobile!
    (I wrote this in a different app, then copy-pasted it, so it's formatting looks really weird)

    Basic combo:

    LP-Low LK-MP

    Upgraded combo:

    LP-Low LK-MP-MK-HP

    Basic air combo:

    Low HP-LP-HK

    Upgraded air combo:

    Low HP-LP-MP-HK

    Dash combo:



    Theonite beam,


    Triple shot (name not final)


    Alt Tab, (Force tag)

    "Really talks!"


    Catastrophe cannon,

    Magnetic trap (starts with a launcher similar to canopy bounce)

    Systemic circuit breaker (unblockable, but not unavoidable, it's damage is scaled according to robo's health stat)

    Assault battery

    (possibly bb3, but most likely not,

    Is a combo of HK to wall bounce, to the Force tag move, which leads upwards into the air grab)

    Her gimmick: head drones And stage control

    Like ms fortune, robo fortune would have a button that she can press to launch a head drone into the battle, she can have up to two out at a time and they only last for so long (15 secconds-ish)

    Also like ms fortune, she has three other moves she can do when a drone is in play,

    Headrone ram,

    Headrone impact,

    Headrone salvo,

    The number of drones influences how some special moves on robo work.

    Her Theonite Beam,

    Her DANGER!! moves

    And catastrophe Cannon are all affected by this, In addition to a more original triple hitting move that would progress as such:

    no heads = Low mp

    1 heads = air QCF+P

    2 heads = Air HP

    All three versions Would shoot a rapid shot that hits three times

    As for, Stage control, most robo fortunes would naturally have abilities that depend on their environment, debuffing opponets on one side of the stage, and buffing you on the other, slowly BB meter on the ground, and health in the air.
    With that I'd expect her MA to be something that depends on what side she's on

    There would also be Signature abbilties That specificly cater to her head drones, hitting people with their attacks, as well as them working in tandem with her stage control sa's for crazy things like

    "Iron avenger"

    (Iorn man pallet, fire element)

    Signature abbilties, "Arcsys reactor"

    Sa 1

    When near an opponent, robot fortune takes 25/50/75% less damage from all attacks

    Sa 2

    When a head drone is active, robo fortune's attacks deal 25/50/75% more damge instead

    New buff/debuff, Stall/pause

    The stall debuf locks another buff

    stoping it from having any effect until stall expires.

    Pause does the same thing to debuffs.

    Some of R.fortune's moves will have a chance to apply this debuff/buff

    A buff that is stalled/paused will not expire, nor will it's attribute be active,

    If i stalled/paused buff is transferred, the buff will be active again.

    For example

    "Hidden varia"

    (Varia suit pallet, dark element)

    Signature abilities "save state"

    SA 1

    when a head drone attack hits, All Debuff on robofortune will Pause for 5/7/10 secconds.

    SA 2

    Landed hits have a 25/35/50% chance to transfer paused debuffs to the opponent

    And here's another

    "Opposites attract"

    (samurai pizza cats color, light element)

    Signature abbilties "reverse polarity"

    SA 1

    When on the left side of the stage, any new debuffs applied to robo fortune have a X% Chance to be stalled for X Secconds,

    On the right side, the reverse is true for the opponent (new buffs have a chance to get paused)

    SA 2

    When suffering from stalled debuffs

    15/20/25% Chance they'll change to buffs. The reverse is true for the opponent (paused buffs have a chance to turn to debuffs.

    That's all i have to show for R. fortune.

    I think this could be a really fun charater,

    Though whatever the devs are cooking up you already know it's great, (and mostlikely better then mine) but i hope they see it anyway, just to hear their thoughts
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  2. Kassem Shour

    Kassem Shour Active Member

    Nov 28, 2017
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    Not bad, I really love the idea that the head drones function similarly to Ms Fortune. Why don't you tell this to the developers, I'm pretty sure that they will be thrilled.
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  3. You cant beat D

    Sep 29, 2017
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    Thank you! I was hounestly worried about what people would think of the idea
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  4. Kassem Shour

    Kassem Shour Active Member

    Nov 28, 2017
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    Don't worry, I think that it is awesome :). You should really tell the developers.

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