• [2018/06/22]
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So, why do you play?

Boobs are the plot, the bonus, the bread, and the butter. This game be about bouncing boobies boys!
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i play mobile because i am tired of getting combo'd to death all the time at quick play console.

also like... rule 34 is a thing dude. if ur that desperate for boobs google images is ur friend...
skullgirls boobs are the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.
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i play mobile because i am tired of getting combo'd to death all the time at quick play console.

I don't like playing fighting games online, I play the story and I play couch games, that is it.
For real though I’ve always loved the art direction and animation of Skullgirls, being able to enjoy this game on the go is a dream come true.
I was never into fighting games but then I got a PS4 and I saw Skullgirls and remembered seeing videos of it thinking about how beautiful the animation and art style is so I gave it a shot.
I ABSOLUTELY loved it, the music, the gameplay, the lore/story. It got me into fighting games in general, but I'm not the best at them still. So a casualized mobile phone version of Skullgirls drew me in immediately since it was first revealed.
Well as someone who is not a really great at fighting games, i still play them. Skullgirls looked like a marvel, the amazing Visuals, Animations and character concepts (yes that will include the boobs), the jazzy tunes (which i later found out one of them did the OSTs for the more recent Castlevania games) and just how the game wasn't a very standard and trope-y (using things that are pretty overdone in fighting games). I played the game and the game was really great at teaching a newbie, but I only played it on occasion.
When the Mobile released i didnt know it existed until i accidently stumbled upon it when i accidently opened the GP store (on the week of release). I saw it downloaded it (stopped for a while cause i needed to downgrade for a while) and i play it still.
It gives me the opportunity to play such a marvel of a game on the go, without it risking so much and still staying to a fighting game format, just with some additions to make it a mobile game.
(Gacha and the like)
The mobile game got me to play the PC version more often now and even got me to buy controller to play better.
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Honestly, I’m stuck on mobile atm cause my laptop took a dump. The other game I was playing is cancer atm (hearthstone), so I went through the App Store and stumbled upon SGM. Long time Mortal Kombat fan and I haven’t had my fighter fix in awhile, so I was like “eh what the hell, I’ll give it a shot”. I honestly didn’t expect much of it, was planning on playing for a few minutes and uninstalling like I’ve done with like 20 other games over the past week. Never thought it’d actually be fun (and more like an actual fighter than any other game on mobile).

I think what keeps me playing the most though is the characters; they’re so unique! Sure, there are some I don’t care much for, but even they still have qualities about them I find interesting.

Oh, and the references. Holy hairy balls the references. Only been playing for a few days, yet I’ve already come across a bunch of fighters/variations which reference some of my all-time favorite games (Twisted Metal, Fallout), and quote a few of my favorite movies (Stephen King’s: The Stand, The Godfather, etc.). Don’t even get me started on the bios.

I really dig the game’s sense of humor as well, I chuckled more than a few times while completing the story mode.

Oh yeah, and *obligatory comment about the tig ol’ bitties*
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I play SGM because I kinda like fighting games Also memes

I basically play for Valentine and Filia.Especially Filia since she reminds me of Millia Rage from GG so much....and maybe for the plot.

The plot and the gameplay. For me, the boobies were the biggest hurdle in coming to like the game. It seriously put me off at first, esp Valentine and Filia. Cerebella and Eliza I can rationalize since they're performers. But even now I get grossed out by Filia's navel flashing and ready to pop buttons. I don't want to be a prude, she just hits too close to home since I was a uniform wearing schoolgirl once and it's just super icky for me to see them fetisized.
As a famous internet duo once rapped, "Need dat Mahvel hype, but without all the dicks? SKULLGIRLS!"

Also since I backed the PC release, I was curious about the mobile version since DBFZ got me a bit interested again in FG.
I started playing the PC version because a friend of mine wanted to try a new game, so we were like why not. Afterwards we spent hours on it trying to beat each other every time one of us improves lol

Then I started playing SGM because I really enjoyed the PC version and wanted to see what it was like. I pretty much enjoyed it since it still took skill to properly land combos and such, but the usual gacha system for mobiles games was pretty much what took me a bit back. But overall I play it for fun and if I have some time to waste
cause i've loved this game since i first played it back in 2012. i followed skullgirls closely in its development, played all the betas i've bought every iteration of skullgirls so far with ps3,ps4,xbox360, PC, and now mobile..i'm decent enough at the console version, but never trained hard enough to be competitive..SGs mobile allows me to get my skullgirls fix without grinding it out in training mode to try to get "tournament good" to enjoy the game..i love the lore of sgs and i enjoy the extended story line you get with the mobile game..i like all the puns of the names of all the differnt types of characters and how much of the big game is represented in the mobile version...
Came for the art style, stayed for the gameplay bc I'm a sucker for any mobile rpg
The prize fights
instant love for characters
breasts GET!

adorable art,
interesting story
my favourite is valentine

Hmmm let me see.... **** jiggles and panty shots xD art is amazing, very polished animations plus the soundtrack is perfect for the game
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Ok, where to start... Well, when it comes to this game in particular, it was that I have no way to play PC or Console SkullGirls. So when I saw this game on the day of release, I downloaded immediately. When it comes to how I even found out about the series...I won’t go into much detail but I found a certain animation when I was first introduced to the internet. Had it not been for that, I probably would have never even ended up liking the series. I will continue playing this version of the game, and hope to support the devs when I have the money for it.