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Other Some quick thoughts and suggestions about the game's mechanics and some minor bugs here and there.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by KeenFox, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. KeenFox

    KeenFox Active Member

    Jun 21, 2017
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    Just to be clear, the things I am adressing below might have a solution somewhere in the forums or within the game itself but for any reason I haven't managed to find it.

    Starting with the first one:

    •A.I might sometimes corner you and you are literally can't do anything,especially when it tends to get harder and is fully charged and equipped with all special moves and blockbusters.Even after your character is K.O'd I think the incoming one should be given a bit of space and at least some kind of invincibility like a second or so just for the time to be able to hold guard.

    What we see in some cases is that after a character is entering the area after a fallen one, he is open to all kinds of attacks and guard won't be available until he hits the ground,but the enemy(or the player) has all the advantage by that time to execute whatever he wants with zero risk, let alone when the distance is really short so that even normal attacks might get you.

    I generally think that games need to favour the player and not the A.I in cases like these.And since we are talking about a fun game like this,this change won't be for worse.

    •Now I haven't seen anything like announcements for upcoming events etc regarding the reward characters in Prize Fights for example.You could use the Twitter,you could say something like:
    "Work your way through the ranks to get high chances for a gold Silent Kill Valentine this weekend!(as if there is a silver one but you got my point)
    Event will last from Friday to Saturday,Time "--:--"
    Get your fighters ready and grab your chances!"
    Get us hyped,make us excited,use your imagination

    •Plus we would like some Prize Fight leaderboards to see our current place each time and be sure if we are within the range of the rewards.If that is not possible,we should know if we qualify for the gifts in real time.You could also use an indication on how safe is our place.Use colours like green for "safe place",orange for "neutral" and red for "danger place" meaning that you are at the last category of players and might not qualify for the rewards in the end, because you might drop out of the first 10% for example.

    •I have completed 100% of the game on all difficulties and getting relics and especially money to build our characters is really difficult.
    Even if you release the next part of the story, after we complete it we will be stuck again with our...thirst for progression.Maybe an inclusion of money in prize fights will make it or through other means(I am not talking about getting money with real money...Gotcha! ;-) )

    •Is there a way where we can see the opening again?Game's theme is films and movies so why not include it in the first place?

    •If real time multiplayer would ever be considered,the choice of neutral fighting(no skill trees,buffs,specific special moves etc.)should be considered for a fair and square fight.

    Minor bugs(so far):

    •Sometimes when an enemy executes a blockbuster(happened with Valentine as the opponent and had the 7 point blockbuster)he stucks if you constantly tap hit.The moment you stop hitting the blockbuster plays normally.

    •Now this is really minor.
    When on Prize Fight, on the tabs of choosing one of the three opponents, if you press the rewards option and then back out,the glowing effect which highlights your choice will simply disappear.

    •The execution of blockbusters(8 points) like Parasoul's and Big Band's drop significantly the frame rates.

    In conclusion,
    Skullgirls is a fun game.Its charming point is the characters which were made the 2D classical way.The adaptation of a mobile game is a nice idea and the combat system is as complicated as it has to be to the point of enjoying something through a simple device just like a phone.

    Playing on Samsung S7 Edge

    *Still waiting for a physical copy of 2nd Encore for the PS4 which I unfortunately missed...*
  2. luawei

    luawei Member

    May 31, 2017
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    You can't block on tag-in? I feel like I've been able to since I don't remember handling tag-ins too poorly but I do know the AI is notoriously bad at blocking on tag-in. There was also something about invincibility on tag-in in an old patch note too.

    For announcements, the game could use popups on login as opposed to a twitter feed. Just make sure they're not too obnoxious like in many mobile games.

    Leaderboards or some kind of indicator for how well you're placing in Prize Fights would be nice and the devs are thinking about it right now.

    At the moment, we can get most of our money from a weekend long Prize Fight called Medici Showdown. We could use more sources though, especially something to spend our yellow energy instead of just Dailies.

    Real time fights would be an amusing distraction but nothing more. Competitively, the game favours blocking too much with throws being easily techable.

    Unblockable Blockbusters often pause until the opponent is in a neutral state, which is why what you mentioned happened. (This is most obvious against a stunned opponent, the game will wait for the stun to expire before initiating the blockbuster)

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