• [2018/06/22]
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St. Patrick's Day Prize Fight - Craic Some Heads


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Feb 4, 2018
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Once a tiny one-day prize fight, the St. Patrick's Day prize fight, Craic Some Heads, has gotten the same super upgrade the Valentine's Day prize fight got: 4 days duration and a 100 million milestone reward track.

CRAIC SOME HEADS Milestone Rewards
  1. 25,000 = 10 Theonite 10,000 Canopy Coins
  2. 50,000 = 20 Theonite 15,000 Canopy Coins
  3. 100,000 = 30 Theonite 22,500 Canopy Coins
  4. 325,000 = 40 Theonite 34,000 Canopy Coins 1 Shamrock Relic
  5. 800,000 = 50 Theonite 50,000 Canopy Coins
  6. 1,500,000 = 60 Theonite 76,000 Canopy Coins
  7. 2,500,000 = 70 Theonite 114,000 Canopy Coins 1 Shamrock Relic
  8. 4,500,000 = 80 Theonite 171,000 Canopy Coins
  9. 8,000,000 = 90 Theonite 256,000 Canopy Coins
  10. 12,500,000 = 100 Theonite 384,000 Canopy Coins 1 Shamrock Relic
  11. 25,000,000 = 200 Air Elemental Shards 500 Gold Relic Shards
  12. 50,000,000 = 300 Air Elemental Shards 250 Diamond Relic Shards
  13. 100,000,000 = 500 Air Elemental Shards 1 LEGENDARY RELIC
TOTAL: 550 Theonite 1,132,500 Canopy Coins 3 Shamrock Relics 1 Air Elemental Essence (1000 shards = 1 crystal) and more!

The loot is comparable to the Valentine's Day PF, but with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow bonus. It is double the Canopy Coin total (566,250 < 1,132,500)!


Wind Stalker Ms. Fortune
Snake Bite Beowulf
Fly Trap Painwheel

Star-Crossed Parasoul
Surgeon General Valentine
Rainbow Blight Double

Toad Warrior Cerebella
Pea Shooter Peacock
Ivy League Parasoul


[Air Element Fighters]: Gain 1 stack of PRECISION every 3 seconds. CRITICAL HITS have a 20% chance to grant REGEN for 10 seconds.

Gain a BUFF every 10 seconds and at the start of the match. The BUFF gained lasts for 10 seconds and cycles between FINAL STAND and IMMUNITY.

  • Anti-BUFF fighters rule this PF. Examples: Rusty Painwheel converting BUFFS into BLEED, Doublicious Double stealing BUFFS, and Mean One Peacock's projectiles with the half chance to convert a BUFF into a random DEBUFF.
  • All Elizas benefit from the BUFF-cleansing Chaos Banish special move.
  • Without the above precautions, it becomes a "Will you die already?" waiting game.
How is your climb going? Aiming for that Legendary Relic? Had any Leprechaun luck for those Shamrock Relics? Any tips and tricks for offense and defense in this PF?
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I have 85 million ... I do not intend to go beyond the 100 million ...
characters I'm using for attack are:

Mean one
Fly trap

my Rusty and Doublicious help up to 30 in a row ... more than that they can't take it anymore ...

my defense is

Resonant evil
Persona Assistant
General surgeon

So far my defense has not won anyone ... of the 4 fights 3 were Hackers ....
I'm currently sitting at 65mil, and I'm definitely getting that Legendary relic to add to the hoard! Don't think I'll be shooting for top 100 though, since if the cutoffs are similar the the Valentine's PF then that's too much grinding for me.

My three Shamrock relics from the pf were two Toad Warriors and a duplicate Wind Stalker.
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Still at 50M.. Taking it slow while doing the others (shouldn't have aimed for the Dark PF but here I am lol)
Shamrock relics were a total bust, got all the three Silver fighters :c
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Already finished the milestones.
3 silvers from the shamrock relics and 3 dupes from the gold, legendary and dia relic obtained. The luck of the irish is not with me XD
I think I'll aim for the top100 and train the roster a little in the meantime. I generally use whoever until really long streak. The modifiers are interesting, but not a pain to deal with.

My defense team has won a lot more than it lost. Dream Band, Evergreen Evil and Meow And Forever. MnF is annoying per se, but something tells me the other two are more annoying with this modifiers.

Also, this time I decided to "skip" the Dark PF. I just went up to 10 mill, hoping to get to 30%. This should be enough for me while aiming for the event.
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I got floored by the very first Shamrock Relic at the 325k mark:
Rainbow Blight Double

Content with this large leap of luck and busy with IRL stuff (civilization, please come back soon), I've only managed to make it to the 50 million mark with no aim to climb much further.

I just watched someone in Channel 0 chat get to 100 million, opened their Legendary Relic and started wailing when they got a Dead of Winter Squigly. They're acting as if they deserved a guaranteed diamond when it is a 90% gold relic. Anyone getting sore from the grind should remember it isn't about the prize at the end, but how much stronger your collection has gotten.
as long as there is no golden character that can be achieved in PF, this is already good for me ...tomorrow I will open them ... let's see what will come ...
Patrick's Day Banner.png

Craic Some Heads (St. Patrick's Day)
Prize Fight [03-14-20 / 03-17-20]
- #1 - 282,383,913
- #100 - 171,758,985
- 10% - 33,628,857
- 30% - 9,183,955
- 60% - 2,511,657
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Oof, missed the top 100 by 5mil. Not mad though, because I got my first Surgeon General from the rank reward relics! Woohoo!
Got sort of lucky with my pulls again. Out of the 7 relics from the pf I got.
3 Toad Warriors
2 pea shooters
1 Ivy league
1 Wind Stalker
Legendary was a Wind Swept.
(I'm not gonna do anything with this windstalker honestly, was hoping to get a snake bite, maybe next time!)
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Snake bite.. it was... a 1/3 chance.. but nOOooO

I got a Wind Stalker, I'd willingly give her away for DM ;-;

Im dead serious `-`
Well, I couldn't go beyond 105Mill this time and got a bunch of silvers and an evolution fodderd SG.

So, well, that's RNG for you. I did manage to diamond my Silent Kill and my Blue Screen and take them to lvl30 so yay!