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Fights Stamina consumption Reward boosts

Sep 29, 2017
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There's a mechanic which i think could possibly work nicely in this game, being one where you can use extra stamina for greater rewards.
the primary inspiration here is from two other mobile games, Being Dragon Ball Z - Dokkan battle and Bang Dream - Girls band party

in both games, there's a universal stamina system, much different then the character based one in this game, but something those games offer, is what's known as a boost.
20200905_144706.jpg Screenshot_20200905-144527_Dokkan.jpg
Using boosts, you can consume double or even triple stamina for double or triple the rewards
Screenshot_20200905-144628_BanG Dream!.jpg
how would this work in skull girls mobile? well this could be done with another consumables item, or perhaps in limited charges that refill over time, or even just any time the player wishes, for Prize fights and other high stamina challenges like Accursed Experiments, you can only use double stamina, however for things such as daily events that only use three stamina per play, you'll be able to triple it, and so on and so forth.

this feature wouldn't boost set rewards, so you can't double or triple rewards from treasure nodes or 100% completion bonuses, nor would it boost prize fight scores,
what it will boost is:
> Exp gained
> Coins gained (both on intial play and replays)
> daily missions (use parasoul in 5 fights would go up by 2 instead of 1 for example)
> daily node random rewards

that last one is the most exciting, as when you beat a daily event node, it has a rare chance to drop a random amount of SP or a move, when using a boost, it will count as you playing he node two times, meaning it would roll both chances for a drop, in rare circumstances, you could get three moves, or three batches of SP in one fight, or still get nothing but coins if lady luck isn't on your side.

i can't see quite how to implement it, and how to limit it, but i think this can be an easy way to speed the game up a little without breaking it.
I'm sure the team's thought of this idea already, but i decided to share it anyhow.