• [2018/06/22]
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Story mode Expert difficulty’s fight modifiers, a heads up.


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Jun 29, 2017
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Once you get to the expert difficulty in story mode, the game starts to throw fight modifiers that require certain fighters. I hope knowing them before hand would help new players to determine which characters to level up first. I only included the two last chapters(so far) because that’s when fight modifiers starts to matter.

Ps: I do have a personal reason to make this guide, because none of my top team was a required by the more difficult fight modifiers and i wished I knew more if only to just save time. ;)

Going all in-Expert [11]

Downtown [5]

3 vs. 1
Cerebella required vs. Armed forces Crarbella FS: 4516

2 vs. 2
Peacock required vs. That’s all folks and Untouchable Peacock FS: 4315 total

3 vs. 1
No Bigband vs. Private dick Bigband FS: 5839

Treasure node
1 vs. 1
Silver only vs. Silent kill Valentine FS: 5385

3 vs. 1
Valentine required vs. Last hope Valentine FS: 6222

River king casino [6]

1 vs. 1
Parasoul required vs. Princess pride Parasoul FS: 3917

1 vs. 2
Bronze only vs. Raw nerve Painwheel and Primed Parasoul FS: 5007 total

3 vs. 3
Bigband & Cerebella required vs. 3 random fighters

Treasure node
1 vs. 3
Cerebella required vs. 3 random fighters

2 vs. 1
No bronze vs. 1 random fighter

1 vs. 2
No bronze vs. 2 random fighters

Ascent of a woman-Expert [3]

Treasure node
2 vs. 2
Valentine required & silver only vs. Last hope and Silent kill Valentine FS: 9683 total

2 vs. 2
silver only vs. Primed and Princess pride Parasoul FS: 9555 total

3 vs. 2
Parasoul required & no Cerebella vs. 2 Armed forces Crarbella FS: 9909 total
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