• [2018/06/22]
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Other Suggestion to let us equip offensive and defensive move sets separately


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Jun 24, 2019
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A nice QoL feature would be if we could equip a defensive move set separately from what we use on offense.

The idea is that the offensive move set would be used when we're using the fighter on attack, and the defensive move set would be used when other players face our fighrers.

To make it easy for players, I'd suggest to automatically use the offensive move set on defense by default, and requiring players to press a button to manually equip moves for defense only if they wanted to.

Since UI changes are often a pain, my suggestion would be to put an armor icon somewhere around here:
Screenshot_20210314-125407789 (2) (3).png
When it's pressed, the button lights up and allows you to edit your defensive move set.
If no defensive moves are equipped, it'll automatically use the offensive move set for defense too. So the button would just toggle which set you're editing. Whether the defensive move set is enabled or not depends on if you have any defensive moves equipped.
Since the offensive and defensive move sets of different fighters won't ever be used simultaneously, it would be possible to let us to equip the exact same move from our collection, once on offense and once on defense, without the moves ever conflicting in their use.

The reason why this would be a QoL feature is because it's inconvenient to mess up your defenders move sets just because you need their moves on another fighter temporary for a fight. If you forget to swap the moves back after, your defenders might be lacking moves. If this suggestion existed, screwing up our offensive move sets would not affect our defenders at all.

Just as i was about to post this i saw another thread about move presets. That would be nice too, and would work nicely together with this :)
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Sep 19, 2020
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what a great idea
but i wish we had access to all the moves and blockbusters when we fight
prize fight would be so much easier lol