• [2018/06/22]
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Other Suggestions for 2E, Season 1 Pass, since I do not know of any better place to post it.


Jul 23, 2018
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So as said in the title I doubt SGM forums is the right place to post this, but I could not find anything better.

Now, very quickly I want to say that Season 1 Pass is amazing, I love Annie, Eliza and Robo changes all that good stuff. BUT I do believe I can offer a point of view that may not have been considered by the development team : a filthy casual PoV I couldn't even understand the patchnotes without watching a youtube video translating them ^^'

Skullgirls is a highly competitive game, and PvP is it's main appeal / target audience. I do get that, and it should stay this way. But going around the internet I have seen that a lot of people have concerns about season 1 pass, especially it's pricing. I have been following development of skullgirls for years, so I know that what we are getting is 100% worth the price, but not everybody does. Not everybody cares for what Season 1 Pass brings to the table. Especially since the game is now partially funded by skullgirls mobile, the players of which do not have to care about competitive gameplay.

So, the point I am making is, in order to make Season 1 Pass better value for more players, it should also appeal to single player audience. Again, pvp is the focus, it's what Liam knows best and god bless all of the efforts going into it. But the players that are the target audience of skullgirls, already know it's worth their money, and no doubt many already purchased it. If the money allows, it would be good to widen the audience, bring more people from the outside.

So then how do we give better value to casual players :
(the suggestions will go from what I consider the most financially possible, to completely unlikely)

1 ) Challenges mode adjustment.
a) Let's add a new, much lower difficulty setting for those, so they are in line with single player difficulty of other fighting game content. (MK, Tekken, etc) ESPECIALLY for the playable Marie stages. I do not even believe it is physically possible to pass any of these. (then again I can't even pass the tutorial).
b) With this new casual difficulty it should be moved from tutorial to single player menu so more players know it even exists.

2) Brand new boss fights.
These probably would not be super cheap, but considering the bosses do not need to be strictly balanced, and reusing a lot of the existing art it should be possible to squeeze in.

a) Double, Eliza and RoboFortune all could get a non-playable variants that would serve as bosses to fight. Making them larger to signify the final strength, adjusting frame data to match the new reach, super armor, projectile spam, maybe one new attack animation (unless the money is there to give more), and split them into phases. Eliza and Robofortune already have existing features to use as phase 2, and Double has a lot of room for creativity considering every existing frame art in the game can be used for her ^^'

b) If they are implemented I imagine them being a separate game mode, but if their difficulty is similar to Marie, they could be randomly shuffled into arcade gameplay, or added in challenge stages.

c) This last one isn't really necessary and maybe more complex than I imagine, but I feel like bosses and Marie would feel a bit moreboss like if UI showed them having multiple healthbars ^^' (for example Marie, could appear to have a full team of healthbars, each showing hp for one of her phases.)

3) Variants mode?
I do not know how compatible SGM code is with 2E. But if it were possible to include SGM variants in a new Single Player mode I think that could be a nice feature for a lot of SGM only players. Of course no extra monetization should be added on top of it. But I think it would interesting to see how your favourite variants would play in 2E setting. Or maybe it could be used by players to test how variants they do not own in SGM work in combat?
(Honestly I do not really think it's a great feature, but I am still mentioning because I've been wanting a Skullgirls RPG experience on PC ever since SGM first came out, and I do not think a separate game is a possibility any time soon)

I've considered suggesting including a new game mode, akin to Tekken's beat-em-up, Mortal Kombat's roulette etc... But honestly do not think the money is there to afford such a thing, nor I do think it would necessarily pay itself back. so I'll just leave it as a mention. It would also be nice to give players something for participating in the single player content. But I do not really know what would that be. Skin colors are the most obvious choice, but I am not sure if we want to lock content people paid for behind an unlock. Feels like in game unlocks should be free updates available to all players.
a) Double, Eliza y RoboFortune todos podrían obtener variantes no jugables que servirían como jefes para luchar. Haciéndolos más grandes para indicar la fuerza final, ajustando los datos del fotograma para que coincidan con el nuevo alcance, la super armadura, el spam de proyectiles, tal vez una nueva animación de ataque (a menos que haya dinero para dar más) y dividirlos en fases. Eliza y Robofortune ya tienen características existentes para usar como fase 2, y Double tiene mucho espacio para la creatividad considerando que cada frame art existente en el juego se puede usar para ella ^^
Esa es una excelente idea😄😄😃😃
No sé qué tan compatible es el código SGM con 2E. Pero si fuera posible incluir variantes de SGM en un nuevo modo para un jugador, creo que podría ser una buena característica para muchos jugadores de SGM. Por supuesto, no se debe agregar ninguna monetización adicional. Pero creo que sería interesante ver cómo funcionarían tus variantes favoritas en la configuración 2E. ¿O tal vez los jugadores podrían usarlo para probar cómo funcionan en combate las variantes que no poseen en SGM?
(Honestamente, no creo que sea una gran característica, pero sigo mencionando porque he querido una experiencia de juego de rol de Skullgirls en PC desde que salió SGM por primera vez, y no creo que un juego separado sea una posibilidad en el corto plazo. )
me gusta tu creatividad:):):):)
pero tendrías que decirle tus ideas a un moderador como Sairus
Well, the thread is there for them to read. Unless something has changed since I was last around here the moderators do read these, I've got messaged by Cell to try to cut down on the amount of text in the past (Do not think I got much better at that ^^')

Thanks for the support though! Honestly, out of all of my suggestion threads, this one has gotten... the least attention so far
Bueno, el hilo está ahí para que lo lean. A menos que algo haya cambiado desde la última vez que estuve por aquí, los moderadores los leyeron, Cell me envió un mensaje para tratar de reducir la cantidad de texto en el pasado (no creo que haya mejorado mucho en eso ^^ ')

¡Gracias por el apoyo! Honestamente, de todos mis hilos de sugerencias, este ha recibido ... la menor atención hasta ahora.
De nada, sería genial que los desarrolladores pongan tus ideas en el juego;););) 👍👍👏👏